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Fire Rated Foam Commercial Grid Suspended Ceiling Tiles

If you are in the process or getting ready to remodel or renovate your home, office, restaurant, or any other space you may be looking for cost effective ways to design your space. Ceiling tiles are an amazing and often overlooked renovation and remodeling decor tool that can really keep you in your budget and transform your ceiling. This in turn will give your whole space a brand new look and feel. Our Fire Rated Foam Commercial Drop In Grid Suspended Ceiling Tiles are a great example for anyone looking to keep a classic or traditional look. These tiles come in 2’ x 2’ and can either be glued up or used in a drop ceiling or grid. The standard color is white with a flat smooth finish but can be ordered in a variety of marble finishes. Best of all they have sound proofing qualities, have a Class A Fire Rating and are mold and mildew resistant. Cleaning these ceiling tiles is simple and fast with damp wet cloth. If you are looking for creative kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, or home decor for your bed and bath, ceiling tiles are a great idea. Basements, restaurants and commercial buildings are also an ideal place for ceiling tile installation as they provide insulation and also help reflect light which is ideal for making rooms looks larger and brighter. They are designed to be a much more practical and economical alternative to fiberglass tiles and require much less maintenance and cleaning. Stains leaks and warping will not be an issue if you are using these architectural foam tiles for your ceiling. Foam ceiling tiles are easy to DIY or install yourself and do not require a contractor as they can be easily applied with glue or simply dropped into an existing suspended drop ceiling grid. All you need is to ensure your ceiling is flat, dry, smooth and secure. Then take a quick trip to your local home improvement store, grab some loctite adhesive, caulk, a caulking gun and a box cutter. Installing ceiling panels has really been taken to a whole new level with these standard foam drop in ceiling tiles and standard foam glue up ceiling tiles.

Our Foam Fire Rated Ceiling Tiles are Made In The USA & we offer a wide variety to select from to match the desired selection criteria. We offer designs of Coffered, Decorative, Plain, Custom Made Logo, Wavy & Custom Wavy Fire Rated Foam ceiling Tiles in standard Grid, Suspended, Drop In 24” x 24” Ceiling Tiles.

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Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine Install Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine restaurant installed beautiful decorative suspended grid ceiling tiles in their wedding reception and party room

New Ceiling Tiles For November

We have two new tiles for November to highlight.  Both are pvc 24×24 tiles that will drop into a 2×2 grid ceiling system or can be glued into place.  If you have and old ceiling with popcorn texture, cracks, ,stains or other problems then these easy to install ceiling tiles could be the solution for your remodel.  They don’t require a professional for install which will save you even more time and money over hiring a contractor to do the job.

The Mexican by Max

The Mexican By Max, Mizner Park, Boca Raton, Florida

PVC Backsplash Design WC-40 Antique Copper, Design 206 & Design 128 Antique Copper Ceiling Tile installed into a beautiful and creative display in The Mexican By Max Restaurant in Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida to bring life and vibrancy to their bar display area, this fire rated flexible material is beautiful and affordable!

Chutney & Pickle Restaurant Installs PVC Ceiling Tiles in Suspended Grid Drop in Ceiling

Tin silver drop in, grid, suspended ceiling tile design #27 was the ceiling tiles selected by the owners and interior designers for the Chutney & Pickle Restaurant located in Coral Springs, Florida. These ceiling tiles were selected after the owner inspected and evaluated many different designs and colors.