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In everyday life we are affected by noise and the offending level of noise is bothersome whether at home, at leisure, during sleep, traveling, working or in a theater or restaurant. Taking an active role in controlling that annoying sound can produce great noticeable results and improve health, hearing and customer relations. One great asset to this objective is the Insulated Stone Wool Ceiling Panels from Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc.

Having an existing disturbing noise level producing an unacceptable problem is the reason why you are here. Acquiring a basic understanding of noise or sound or a noise problem in general and some options as to what can be done to help reduce or control the noise pollution is a very good idea. Noise pollution refers to any noise causing irritation to anyone and coming from an external source.

Concealed Grid Ceiling Panel

Concealed Grid Ceiling Panel

Concealed Grid Insulated Ceiling Tile Panel

Concealed Grid Insulated Ceiling Tile Panel

Concealed Grid Acoustic Ceiling Tile Panel

Concealed Grid Acoustic Ceiling Tile Panel

Noise starts as hearing at a rating of 0dB to 10dB and at that level is barely audible and ranges up to a Rocket being launched at a rating of 180dB which caused hearing loss. Typically a noisy restaurant may be around 70dB while city traffic can be annoying at a rating of 90dB. Acoustical Ceiling Tiles sort of derives its name from the word Acoustic meaning Acoustic absorption which refers to the process by which material, structure or object takes in sound energy when sound waves are encountered, as opposed to reflecting energy. Part of the absorbed energy is transformed into heat and part is transmitted through the absorbing body. Also Acoustical pertains to the science of sound of a building material such as an Acoustical Ceiling Tile for installation in a Grid Suspended Ceiling System. As such Acoustical Ceiling Tiles have a Rating called Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) which refers to a surface’s ability to reduce noise by absorbing sound, is measured according to the ASTM C423 Standard.  A higher score is better as an example a Ceiling Tile with a NCR Rating of 1.00 absorbs all sound whereas a Ceiling Tile with a NCR Rating of 0.00 absorbs no sound at all.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is important in areas where people converse in groups and high levels of noise are present, such as Classrooms, Open Plan Offices, Retail Shops, and Retail Stores, Lobbies, Meeting Rooms and Restaurants.

Most Insulated Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling tiles By Us, Inc. have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 or above. Our Sonar Insulated Stone Wool Ceiling Panels have achieved a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) as high as 0.95. Easy to Install and Durable, they protect people from noise and the spread of fire. Insulated Stone Wool Grid Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels from Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc. have performance advantages made possible by raw material found only in our Insulated Acoustic Ceiling Panels. Stone wool is produced from Volcanic Rock or Basalt, which features unique properties that give stone wool a number of superior characteristics and attributes.



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Genuine Glassless Mirrors The Ultimate Choice For Mirrored Ceilings And Walls (and the only brand of Glassless Mirror to receive a UL safety classification) Glassless Mirror ceiling and wall panels reflect an optical quality image that is bright, clear, free of distortion and equal to that of a first-surface optical glass mirror! Optical Quality mirrors are manufactured using a special class of reflective film and is above the needs in reflectivity of regular use mirrors.

4 Easy Steps To The Perfect DIY Ceiling Renovation

Crafts, DIY, and Affordable Projects Lovers!

Let me start by introducing you to my little dining room renovation story. My house was built in 1902 and I had the chance to buy it in October 2010. Let me say, that some rooms needed some Serious remodeling. My every morning routine was resuming, in eating breakfast, drinking my green tea, reading my favorite home decor magazine, and facing my “boring” looking ceiling. So, guess what? This Wednesday morning, I decided to take on a “Do it yourself project”, and remodel my dining room ceiling. I was searching the Net, watching home remodeling videos, and reading different DIY project articles.

Finally, I came across a company’s website, providing beautiful PVC ceiling tiles and most importantly selling them for a very affordable price. I looked at the gallery pictures, read reviews and watched some customer’s video installations. I discovered that, these tiles could be applied over any smooth surface and even POP Corn ceilings.  WOW!!! That was my reaction. No more convincing was needed. I immediately called the company to get some help on finding the exact number of tiles that I needed to accomplish my project.  I ended up ordering some beautiful PVC ceiling tiles # 33 in Antique Copper. They looked amazing on pictures and even better when I opened my package.  I didn’t want to lose any more time, and drove to the nearest Home Depot with my shopping list. What I needed, Contact Cement Gel or Power Grab Loctite.

Yes that’s it! Then I just followed these 4 easy steps.

  • Prepare the surface
  • Draw an angle
  • Apply the adhesive
  • Place & Press.

The end result: Me Very HAPPY, my dining room ceiling amazingly beautiful, and my friends’ astonishment by my creativity.

PS: I saved all my cut pieces and used them to decorate a mirror frame and texture one wall in the family room.

Easy Popcorn Ceiling Removal Alternative No Mess

POPCORN CEILING REMOVAL MADE REALLY EASY AND WITH NO MESS  NOR DO YOU RUN THE RISK OF EXPOSING ASBESTOS WHEN TRYING TO REMOVE THAT UGLY POPCORN CEILING!  There it is. That old school, rough looking popcorn ceiling that was popular some time ago. Whether you have just moved in to your new home or it’s time for the remodel, you have realized it’s time to get rid of the popcorn ceiling! Now, getting rid of that popcorn ceiling can be a lot of work. Most don’t realize that there is a popcorn ceiling removal alternative!

Decorative Ceiling TileNo matter the work that needs to be put in to the project, there is definitely a popcorn ceiling removal alternative. There are many ways to remove popcorn ceiling with the most common being sanding it down or just tearing down the ceiling completely. Both of these two options require a lot of time, effort and expenses. The alternative is a Styrofoam ceiling tile that can be glued directly on top of the existing popcorn ceiling!  There are many options and we have an expansive ceiling tile gallery.

The rough texture allows the Styrofoam to be placed and glued and will hold its bond for years to come. This is a simple and cost friendly popcorn ceiling removal alternative. Many have viewed the task of getting rid of that popcorn ceiling as too daunting. Whether it is the labor, cost, mess, stress or time, that project can be overwhelming. With Styrofoam ceiling tiles that are affordable and easy to use, getting rid of that old popcorn ceiling can be easy and fun. Not to mention, you will find the Styrofoam options visually appealing and extremely affordable.

Silver AccentsNow that you have made the decision to get rid of that old popcorn ceiling, know that there is a popcorn ceiling removal tentative: Styrofoam ceiling tiles! The benefits of this option are endless. Easy to install, cost effective, visually appealing, low labor efforts and more. Reduce the stress of a giant project that you may not be happy with in the end and check out the Styrofoam ceiling tile options that are available to you in our online store.

Tin Ceilings Tile Metal Ceilings Plastic Alternative

Tin Ceiling Tiles  Metal Ceiling Tiles Plastic Vinyl Ceiling Tiles Alternatives

Solid Aged Copper Ceiling Tile

Solid Aged Copper Ceiling Tile

Unfinished Aluminum Coated Steel

Unfinished Aluminum Coated Steel

Tin Ceiling Tiles, meaning 100% tin, most likely do not exist as careful research will most likely reveal they are partially Tin Ceiling Tiles. The reason is Tin is a soft silvery-white metal that is very light and easy to melt. Being so soft, tin is rarely used as a pure metal; instead it is combined with other metals in order to make alloys all that possess tin’s numerous beneficial properties. These include a low toxicity level and a high resistance  to corrosion.   Many everyday items that we associate with tin such as “tin cans” and “tinfoil”, are actually misnomers. Tin cans are in fact made from a compound referred to as tinplate, which is steel sheet metal that has been coated with a thin layer of tin. Tinplate efficiently combines the strength of steel with tin’s luster, corrosion resistance and low toxicity. Most Tin Ceiling Tiles are tin-plated meaning they are made from sheet metal, thin coated with tin and in all likely hood will require painting. Another type of Metal Ceiling Tiles are those made from Unfinished Aluminum . Ceiling Tiles made of Aluminum   ( unlike raw tin-plated steel ceiling tiles) will not rust. Steel will rust even if coated with tin plating where as  Aluminum will never rust. As with any unfinished Metal Ceiling Tiles they require painting. There are many Metallic Paints on the market and to purchase these beautiful Metallic Paints in for example Copper or Silver is very expensive and cost around $150.00 per gallon of paint. As a rule Metal Ceiling Tiles are designed to fit into a 15/16 Inch Grid suspended Ceiling System.

Metal Ceiling Tiles have a great variance in price and as an example Solid Aged Copper Ceiling Tile can easily cost upwards of around $65.00 per 24 inch x 24 inch ceiling tile or about $16.25 per square foot. Tin-Plated Ceiling Tiles, Sheet metal covered with tin cost around $12.00 per 24 inch x 24 inch ceiling tile or about $3.00 per SF and Unfinished Aluminum Ceiling Tiles can cost about $15.00 per Ceiling Tile or about $3.75 per square foot. If painted the Unfinished Aluminum Ceiling Tile cost up to about $6.00 per square foot.


Antique Copper Design 210 Drop in Grid or Glue Up Ceiling Tile

Antique Copper Design 210 Ceiling Tiles

Design 210 Antique Copper Installed Grid Ceiling Installation

Design 210 Antique Copper Installed Grid Ceiling Installation

Plastic Vinyl Ceiling tiles are easy to work with, can be cut with regular scissors, will fit into a grid suspended ceiling system, preferably beneath the existing acoustical or mineral fiber ceiling tile for extra sound proofing, fire rating and stability. Plastic  Vinyl Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling tiles By Us  will fit either a 15/16 inch or 9/16 inch grid ceiling system, can be applied with glue to a reasonably smooth surface with Contact Cement or Loctite all Purpose Construction adhesive & can be glued to most smooth clean surfaces with overlapping edges. Plastic Vinyl Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling Tiles By Us come already painted in most any color or combination of colors including Cooper, Antique Copper, Silver, Antique Silver, etc., & do not require painting. The cost is about $10.99 per 24 inch x 24 inch ceiling tile or about $2.75 per square foot.  Plastic Vinyl Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling Tiles by us are Fire Rated as are the Kitchen Back Splash Rolls & represent a really great value, with no requirement to paint but if customer desires tour Plastic Vinyl Ceiling tiles can be painted with any water based paint.

Why Not Try Our Plastic Vinyl Ceiling Tiles? – They Look Just Like If Not Better Than The Real Thing Copper for a fraction of the cost!

 Saving money is what we are all about and with the inexpensive solutions that we offer you here at Ceiling Tiles By Us you’ll be glad that you chose to shop with us! Installation is simply a breeze and you will not find a better selection of light weight and low cost ceiling tiles out there.

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions (telephone # 888-612-7573)  and feel free to browse our online store for all your metal ceiling tiles that you would like to replicate. The only person who will know the difference between your inexpensive Plastic Vinyl Ceiling and real solid aged copper ceiling tiles is you, so why not try some out today.


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