Styrofoam Medallion Diameter 26"

P-660 A Medallion Foam Discount 8 pices only.


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SALE! Regular price $159.79, Now only $98.00. or 36%DISCOUNT! Diameter – 660mm. or DIAMETER 26″. Paint-able with any water base paint!Waterproof,Decorative medallion,good gift!Glue on,tape on!Gift ideas.Decorative medallion,cheap medallion,buy medallion,cheap gift,good gift.Paint-able with water base paint.Decorative Medallion,Glue on,tape on.Insulated,cheap medallion,buy medallion,good gift,discount medallion.Eco-friendly,green.recyclable washable.remodeling,renovation,bring to your room and craft ideas.small room remodeling.Dining room remodeling ideas. Home remodeling ideas.

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