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Decorative Fire Rated Foam Grid Ceiling Tile 2 x 2

Decorative Fire Rated Foam Grid Ceiling Tile 2 x 2

Decorative Fire Rated Foam Grid Ceiling Tiles

  • Washable, White Smooth Surface.
  • Class "A" Fire Rated (ASTM E84 TESTED) and will not contribute to spreading fire.
  • 100% Authentic Ceiuling tiles made from architectural foam.
  • Will not stain, mildew, flake, crumble or warp.
  • Fits Standard 15/16" Grid
  • Standard Grid Suspended Drop In Ceiling Tiles 24" x 24".
  • Can be glued to surface such as sheetrock.


Our Decorative Fire Rated  Foam Ceiling Tiles are not Styrofoam & are made from 100% virgin architectural foam.  Available in 24" x 24" size with Standard Square Edge or tegular (revealed edges). These Fire Rated Foam Ceiling Tiles  are designed for both outdoor and indoor use and made to outlast other ceiling tiles requiring much less maintenance when compared to fiberboard ceiling tiles.

Our Architechtural Fire Rated Ceiling Tiles  are practical, energy saving and economical, easy to install and easy to clean with just soap and water. These Ceiling Tiles are featherlight but have the same insulation properties as polystyrene coffee cups, ice buckets and coolers where the R Value remains constant with age. Our Fire Rated Foam Ceiling Tiles  are extremely moisture resistant and will not contract or expand with humidity changes, making them ideal for use in all commercial interiors including bathrooms, basements or in any area where humidity is a problem. Architectural Fire Rated Foam Ceiling Tiles possess high light reflectancy features which is substantial for commercial and residential installation due to reflecting 94% of available light, the tile brightness seems to enlarge any work or living area without an eye straining glare. 



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