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WC-20 Faux Tin SILVER PVC 13 Ft.Roll


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Decorative Backsplash 26 Sq.Ft

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Product Description Beautiful,hammered quality back splash wall coverings install easily with adhesive glue and require little or no maintenance; just wipe clean with water. Backsplash wall coverings come in a 13 foot roll that is 2 feet wide. This roll will cover approximately 26 square feet. There will be a flat rate shipping charge of $15.00  Wall-coverings are also available for purchase by the square foot for a price of $2.60 per square foot. SALE! Regular Price $89.79, NOW only $67.60! or 25% Discount! Back splash Can be install in Restaurant Hallway,Toilet Area, Around Door, Kitchen Counter,Bar Counter Top Covering, Patio Roof Canopy, Any room in the BUILDING!Wall covering!Waterproof back splash,nail on,staple on,tape on,glue on,green,eco friendly,photography backdrop ideas.wall decor.

Installation Instructions for PVC backsplash.

1.Measure the total length of the piece you wish to install. Cut the piece at the desired length, with regular scissors.

2.Fit the piece under the cabinets.

3.Apply glue (contact cement) on the back of the backsplash and on the wall (where you are going to attach it).

4.Let the glue dry till it become “tacky” and attach the piece to the wall, squeezing out all the air from behind the backsplash.

You are done! Now you can cover the edges of a backsplash with metal/wood/plastic edging and start enjoying your new back splash!

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