Are Insulated Ceiling Tiles Right For Your Home?

With the colder temperatures ensuing this month, homeowners are trying to find cost effective ways to beat the bitter cold. Aside from knocking up the heat within your home, there’s an option that helps reduce the amount of heat transfer from the ceiling to a room below: insulated ceiling tiles! These specific type of ceiling tiles ensure a greater insulating capability, are energy efficient and of course, they save you some cash and who doesn’t want to save some cash for holiday shopping?

Did you know that insulated tiles offer protection against the cold in the winter months and heat in the summer months? When they’re properly sealed in the T-grid frame, they also offer additional protection in two popular forms: Qualities of the insulated tile, sealed air space between tile and the ceiling’s rigidness.

Although these ceiling tiles are great for saving money, their application shouldn’t be done be an amateur. Installation requires precise planning, a lot of measuring and actually figuring out which design is right for the look of your overall home.

Our insulated ceiling tiles are available at discounted prices and do your home a great deal of good. When it comes to your home, don’t forget the ceiling. It’s never been a better time to take the steps in saving money while revamping your home.

Here are some of our favorites:
Melt-Away Ceiling Tile
Melt-Away Foam Ceiling Tile

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