Armstrong Cortega Grid Ceiling Tiles

2×2 Cortega Tile Installed

These cheap but reliable, practical and economical ceiling tiles really cut costs, scrap and installation time. You can drop them in your Suspended Grid Ceiling System in size 24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 48″. They are ideal for application in hospitals, schools, offices or large commercial spaces such as businesses retail stores and much more These ceiling tiles are acoustical and a great benefit in that they greatly reduce noise by as much as 55%.

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Like many of us, you may want to minimize the cost of a startup business but need a presentable appearance that is safe and reliable. You need to pay attention to your floors, walls, furniture and ceiling. If you think a brand new ceiling isn’t in your budget, you may be surprised. Armstrong ceiling tiles are affordable.  You can renovate a huge ceiling and give a brand new and immaculate appearance without going over budget. Armstrong’s Crotega ceiling tiles are the most basic ceiling tile available and will fit the bill for those needing new acoustical ceiling tiles for a cheap, reasonable and practical price.

We all want a dependable, long lasting ceiling. Some of us are lucky enough to come into a commercial property already equipped with one. Then there are others who need to change the acoustical drop ceiling in their new, used or pre-occupied commercial space. The challenge comes in finding the right product that will fit the bill economically, dependably, be reliable and comply with rules and regulations of building requirements.

2×4 Cortega Tiles Installed

It’s inevitable, no matter what commercial space you are renting, leasing or own the ceiling is an unavoidable factor. Even if the purpose of your commercial space doesn’t include a beautiful ceiling, Armstrong ceiling tiles are the best way to go. The Armstrong Cortega ceiling tile is a great quality tile when trying to minimize cost and maximize purpose. They have a non directional pattern which greatly reduces cutting corners and trying to match up designs. Purchase and keep an extra few boxes  so you can drop a clean new tile into the grid easily and replace one by one if any damage or water stains occur.