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  • Wall Panels — Decor That Won’t Look Outdated

    Finding a balance when you want to upgrade your decor is important. We often get carried away with trends and Pinterest ideas. So, in the end, our rooms look like 20 Pinterest trends in one tiny space. It’s a mess that is avoidable. When we bring wall panels into the mix, we have to be …

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  • Beautiful Metal Backsplash Will Give Off Faux Million-Dollar Vibes

    The finishing touches, or the details as we like to call them, are important to design. Don’t overlook these smaller finishes when you’re designing for the first time or doing a remodel. Oftentimes, you can really elevate the look or feel for space by adding simple touches. Cheat you’re way through it if you need …

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  • Styrofoam Medallions: Add Charm And Character To Your Space

    Is your home or hotel lobby missing something? Do you feel like your space needs just a couple of finishing touches to complete your look? Styrofoam medallions are the perfect solution to give your room just the right amount of elegance, charm, and character. Not only are they inexpensive to buy, but they’re also easy …

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  • Elegant Ceiling and Wall Upgrades

    Elegant Ceiling and Wall  upgrades,  simple changes that make a big impact. With spring soon to come, we recommend  give your space a fresh look. Curious about how to go about vamping up your room’s aesthetic? So it is an easy and cost-effective solution is to add some depth and color to your ceilings and …

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  • PVC Ceiling Tile You Never Knew You Needed

    When it comes to residential or commercial renovation, you may want to take on the challenge of a DIY project to help cut down costs. PVC Ceiling Tiles You Never Knew You Needed. One economical solution is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ceiling tiles, which offer an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your ceiling or walls. …

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  • Faux Tin Back Splash Design Alternatives

    Faux Tin Back Splash Design Alternatives is a great idea when you are thinking of livening things up. Whether in your home, restaurant, or bar space but not sure how to go about doing it? One great option is to add color and texture to your walls and ceilings. Faux Tin Backsplashes are a great …

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  • Best DIY Design Projects Our Top Three

    The Best DIY Design Projects our top three for Renovating your space can be an expensive project to take on, whether for a home, restaurant, or office setting. What if you still want to upgrade your space without breaking the bank? A great route to take is simply doing the renovations yourself. And while you …

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  • Copper Coffered Ceilings: A True Design Statement

    Incorporating unique design elements into your commercial space is an excellent way to accomplish this.

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  • The Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Backsplash to Your Kitchen

    Whether you are in the midst of a complete home renovation or simply exploring your options for spicing up a few elements, a kitchen backsplash is the ultimate solution. With various types of materials as well as various designs, the possibilities are endless. As a bonus, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, backsplashes are also very …

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