Black Ceiling Tiles Glue Up and Drop In Grid

Black ceiling tiles can add an air of elegance and formality to an otherwise drab living space. Here at Ceiling Tiles By Us, you can discover a host of exciting tiles, moldings, rosettes, borders, and vinyl wall coverings. As an online retailer, we offer extensive information about installation, quality samples, and discount prices. You have the option to install your black ceiling tiles yourself or delegate the work to our contractors.

Using Black Ceiling Tiles In Your Next Remodel

Black Ceiling Tiles

Black Ceiling Tile Design 142

Our ceiling tiles are safe and easy to replace. They’re made of what’s known as uniform extruded polystyrene foam & PVC Plastic. The Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles is non flammable and self extinguishing in the event of a fire. The PVC Ceiling Tiles such as Design 142 in Black is made of PVC, 24″x 24″ & Class A Fire Rated. The dimensions of our tiles are approximately 20 inches by 20 inches and range in thickness from one-eighth of an inch to one-third of an inch. You can apply the tiles to practically any surface, so long as it’s flat, free of debris, and structurally sound.

DIY Painted Ceiling Tiles

DIY Painted Ceiling Tiles

Bear in mind that it’s important to purchase “overage” ceiling tiles, in case you make measurement errors or require tiles for repair down the line. It’s generally recommended that you purchase between 10 to 15 percent more tiles then you need to cover your ceiling area. For instance, if you’re tiling an area of 100 square feet, you will need 42 ceiling tiles to allow for unavoidable installation errors.

Black Ceiling Tile Tips

For advice about how to lay your black ceiling tiles and caulk between spaces, please review the instructions here on our site. You can also find recommendations on products and materials. For design questions, samples, or installation help, don’t hesitate to contact a Ceiling Tiles By Us representative.

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