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Faux Tin Backsplashes: Alternative Design Projects

Thinking of livening up your home, restaurant, or bar space but not sure how to go about doing it? One great option is to add color and texture to your walls and ceilings. Faux Tin Backsplashes are a great cost-effective way to really create vibrancy in your kitchen, while also being easy to install and maintain. But did you know that you can also use this decor item in other ways? Read on to learn a few other unique ways you can incorporate it into your design.

Faux Tin Backsplashes Make For a Great Table Top Cover

In your home, add some real texture and color to your space by installing faux tin backsplashes to your kitchen table, or desk. Simply cut it to size, then adhere it to the surface. Then, lay down a glass top to protect it from scratches and dents.

If you own a restaurant or bar, your bar top is one of the main centerpieces of your space. Why not add some eye-catching details to this area by laying down a faux tin backsplash on your bar top? Add a glass top or cover with Epoxy Resin as well for a low-maintenance design upgrade.

Add Detail To Other Pieces of Furniture

Faux Tin Backsplashes work amazingly well for your kitchen, so why not use it in other places in your home? One great idea is to use in for the backs of your bookcases or other shelving. You can add it to the sides of coffee tables, on cabinets, or even on chests as well! You can even cut it to fit in frames and incorporate them into a gallery wall for an interesting design statement.

Create Borders For Mirrors

If you have mirrors in your home, why not change up the look of them by adding a faux tin backsplash border? This works well for both frameless and framed options and can be incorporated into a bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Upgrade Your Headboard

Want to give your bed a new look? Faux tin backsplashes can also work on your headboard and footboard! Play around with different metals or colors and create a unique collage. Or keep things classic and simple and stick to one type for your design. Don’t have a headboard? You can create your own headboard by sticking the backsplash to a canvas or putting it in several large frames. Another alternative is to use our decorative ceiling tiles as well.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen backsplash or want to add a unique look to other aspects of your home, office, or restaurant, our faux tin backsplash is the perfect choice to give your space the design statement you’ve been looking for. Visit us online today to explore our numerous styles.


The Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Backsplash to Your Kitchen

Whether you are in the midst of a complete home renovation or simply exploring your options for spicing up a few elements, a kitchen backsplash is the ultimate solution. With various types of materials as well as various designs, the possibilities are endless. As a bonus, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, backsplashes are also very functional for the kitchen. Let’s explore.

Kitchen backsplash is easier to clean.

Backsplash makes cleaning a breeze. This means that the materials used are generally smooth and cohesive. This minimizes tough crevices. The kitchen can be the messiest room in the house, especially behind the oven and the sink. Backsplash makes it easier to clean these areas.

It protects the walls.

Whether you have bare walls or wallpaper behind the backsplash, this added layer of protection serves to keep any grime or residue off the walls. This increases the longevity of your kitchen. Without a backsplash, splattered food and other kitchen messes can get stuck on the walls.

It looks great.

Kitchen backsplash can be the most eye-catching part of a kitchen. There are several unique decorative options that can transform a kitchen as if the entire room had been remodeled.

At Ceiling Tiles By Us, we offer a variety of kitchen backsplash, including decorative glue up backsplash, wall panel covering, and metal backsplash. Explore our selection here or reach out to discuss what you’re looking for!

A Kitchen Remodel: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Present

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, candle and card stores around the company are preparing themselves for an influx. Flowers and chocolates alike, Mother’s Day is generally composed of pretty spring gifts sure to elicit a smile from moms around the world. But this Mother’s Day – go the extra mile. Take on a project that will be fun, collaborative, and lasting – a kitchen remodel. (Or just refresh the place a bit, it’s up to you!) Here are a few of our ideas about how to make this Mother’s Day one for the books.

We’re not promising a glass ceiling, but the possibilities are nearly endless.

A kitchen remodel is a pretty hefty endeavor, but taking it step by step helps bring the project to a reality. We suggest starting at the top – the ceilings. Whoever said that cheap popcorn ceilings were ‘in’ clearly had it wrong. Ceiling tiles play an integral part in the decoration of a room – from aesthetic to lighting to functionality. In the kitchen, when matched tactfully with a unique backsplash, ceiling tiles can really draw together the entire aura of a kitchen remodel.

Make a splash. It’s almost summer, after all.

Backsplashes work in tandem with decorative ceiling tiles (and the rest of the kitchen) to achieve a highly unique and specific look. From vintage to post-modern to contemporary – backsplashes can set the tone for an entire home if chosen wisely. Like their ceiling counterparts, backsplashes can affect the lighting of a room and really open up the mood. They’re also functional – as their name suggests. Splash on with a kitchen remodel!

Lavish Homes and Their Prices

The most expensive and lavish homes anyone ever did see, are commonly found in the U.S, ranging in price of up to $350 million dollars. Like this Magnificent Ball Room in Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida.


FLAGLER MUSEUM BALL ROOM                   Palm Beach, Florida

Sheesh! Although the location square footage of the home determines how high its price will go, it’s all about the amenities and details that hike up the real estate number. From the landscape to the ceiling tiles, everything that goes into it determines how much a home will cost.

A lavish and modern home typically includes multi-garages, a number of various stories (did you know the White House has 4 stories?), bedrooms, bathrooms and gigantic kitchens. Architecture and home decor trends are rotating doors that change quickly. The minimalist trend for home decor features clean and appealing artifacts and designs. A ranch-style decor is currently popular right now as well.

Trending architecture and the labor/cost it takes to define a home. The kitchen takes the cake when it comes to architecture. The kitchen is typically the area, aside from the living room, that a lot of thought should be put into. Why? Because the kitchen is the nucleus of the home. states that “Kitchens are getting bigger. What was once hidden away is now the epicenter of every home. The dining room has begun to fade as seating space is now included as part of the kitchen.” Elegant and beautiful backsplashes are very popular details a number of lavish homes. Even the more affordable home kitchens can benefit from backsplashes, due to the touch of luxury they bring.

Not everyone can afford a $1+ million dollar home, but yours sure can look like it. The most affordable and sophisticated ceiling tiles and backsplashes are never too far. Contact us today.



Kitchen Back Splash Glue Up Plastic Roll

WC-80 Kitchen Back Splash

If you are thinking about sprucing up your kitchen our PVC, back splash are the way to go. Is your kitchen a bit plain or boring, or lackluster? Choosing an appealing back-splash to install into your designated space can turn a dull room into one with life and personality. There are many back splashes to choose from, and each comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from silver, antique silver, copper, antique copper, patina, gold, antique gold, creme pearl, etc.  
Our decorative back splashes are made from fire rated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and come in rolls of either 2 feet x 25 feet or 2 feet x 50 feet. Using faux back splashes such as PVC can help you achieve a desirable look to your space without going over budget or breaking the bank. Our back splashes cost just a fraction of what you would pay for back splashes at your local hardware or tiling store. The great thing is they are easy to install and look better than metal or tiles.

Antique Back Splashes

Giving your home an antique look is now what is in style, and real antique back splashes can cost a fortune. Fortunately, you can achieve the same look with our products, and best of all, once installed; you won’t be able to tell the difference. PVC back splashes are also easy to install, simply cut out your needed measurements and glue on with contact cement or any glue that is recommended for use with PVC. You can even put a unique twist on where and how you install your back splash. Many people also use back-splashes on doors, walls, and even bars to customize and make it their own.

View our entire selection of backsplashes at our online store.



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Installing A Modern Backsplash

A Modern Backsplash can be very appealing and can drastically transform your kitchen or any space of your choice into one with elegance, life, and personality. Unfortunately, many of the backsplashes currently offered in ceramic tile in your tile store and hardware stores are very expensive and do not allow much room for selection if you are on a budget. Modern backsplash can either be art deco style, cutting edge colors like silver and black or antique style, like antique copper, antique silver and antique gold as vintage and antique is also in style in modern times.

Choosing To Installing A Modern Backsplash In Your Home or Office

So how do you give your kitchen, home, or office a new modern look without spending a fortune? Our PVC (polyvinylchloride) modern backsplash is your answer. At only a fraction of the price of backsplashes you would purchase at a local store, our backsplashes can provide you with the look you are going for without having to shell out the big bucks. You can even save money on installation by installing yourself as a great Do It Yourself Project. Just measure cut with scissors and glue with contact cement.

Our website features many personally and professionally photographs from actual customers who have installed our PVC modern backsplashes in their homes, offices, Bars and Restaurants and other places of business. There are many creative ways to use our backsplashes when remodeling, renovating, or redesigning your home or office. Our PVC Backsplash is available in rolls 2 feet wide and in lengths of 25 feet and 50 feet or most any length you desire. We carry a wide array of designs and patterns in a wide variety of colors. Most all patterns are available in most all colors. To see pictures of backsplashes including modern and antique backsplashes view our photo gallery.


128 Antique Copper Install

Restaurant Bar Cover With Backsplash Roll

WC 40

WC-40 Silver Back Splash Installed

Kichen Backsplash wc-40 Copper

Kitchen Backsplash Install

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