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Bendable Crown Molding: Enhance Your Renovation Flexibility

When making home renovations, cutting corners for cost is generally a slippery slope. After all, you wouldn’t want to get a cheap foundation and then find down the line that your house is sinking into the ground. However, the biggest place you can save money during a home renovation is in accent pieces. Namely: bendable crown molding. Not only is it incredibly useful, it will also save you a pretty penny.

It is extremely functional.

Bendable crown molding is useful for a variety of purposes. It is most useful when providing trim on rooms where the walls aren’t straight lines only. For example, tracing curves in walls/ceilings/floors is a strong suit for bendable crown molding. It bends to form-fit the shape of the room (hence the name). Likewise, this molding is great for covering different wires, pipes, and anything else that may run from one room to another.

It is cost effective.

Because bendable crown molding is not stiff material, costs are low. This makes the molding very affordable without compromising the quality and functionality of this product. The molding can provide a home renovation an elegant quality without having to fork out a ton of money on this aspect of the renovation. Another way that this type of crown molding is special is that it is customizable with paint to provide a variety of different looks for your home renovation.

At Ceiling Tiles By Us, we offer bendable crown molding in a variety of materials to meet your home renovation needs.

How Drop-In Ceiling Tiles Can Provide Insulation

Did you think that ceiling tiles were only for show? Aw, shucks. Easy mistake. Contrary to popular belief, though, ceiling tiles can be much more. Certain types of ceiling tiles can provide quite a bit of functionality in addition to their aesthetic presence. In fact, drop-in ceiling tiles can provide insulation. Curious how? We’ll show you.

Drop-in ceiling tiles

The gist of drop-in ceiling tiles.

If you’re anything like the majority of the population who rents instead of owns and has little to no working knowledge of home construction, the idea of drop-in ceiling tiles might not mean a thing to you. Let us explain. This relatively new design of ceiling tiles works by ceiling tiles being inserted into a T-grid of support beams that are hung from the internal ceiling. This creates an open space between the ceiling and the tiles themselves.

How in the world they provide insulation.

The space that is provided by the drop-in ceiling tiles is functional for a variety of reasons. For one, it allows for easy electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC ducting. It also provides a pretty good acoustic barrier in the house. This space, too, provides consistent air pressure on the ceiling tiles which keep them in place. If the ceiling tiles are properly sealed in the T-grid shape, they are allowed to function at their full potential based on the amount of insulation that each individual ceiling tile provides (some are better than others.)

Ceiling Tiles By Us offers a wide selection of drop-in ceiling tiles. To find out more about how this design can provide insulation, reach out today.

This Fourth of July, Invest In a Ceiling Tiles Makeover

With our exclusive sale for the Fourth of July, it might be time to give your long-neglected ceiling the makeover that it needs. The sale applies to already low prices for popular Drop In Ceiling Tiles, Grid Ceiling Tiles and Glue up with overlapping edges. To take advantage of this sale, enter code “JULY2018” at the check out page when placing your order. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a ceiling makeover this Fourth of July season:

The ceiling can make all the difference.

Ceilings are often overlooked and plain. When a home has a renovated and unique ceiling, though, it can distinguish the entire house. If you’ve been looking for that new touch to bring a fresh take to your home, ceiling tiles can truly make the place look remarkable.

There are a range of options.

In addition to our basic offerings for ceiling tiles, we also offer luxury drop in ceiling tiles that can make your home look splendrous. These include antique designs, modern designs, and even new styles for the office.

They’re easy to order and install.

Unlike other aspects typical of a home makeover, ceiling tiles are something that can be easily ordered and installed yourself. Most of our ceiling options only require simple cutting and gluing with rubber cement. This is a small task for such a big change in your home!

To explore our selection for the Fourth of July sale, click here. For the rest of our catalog, find us here.

Lavish Homes and Their Prices

The most expensive and lavish homes anyone ever did see, are commonly found in the U.S, ranging in price of up to $350 million dollars. Like this Magnificent Ball Room in Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida.


FLAGLER MUSEUM BALL ROOM                   Palm Beach, Florida

Sheesh! Although the location square footage of the home determines how high its price will go, it’s all about the amenities and details that hike up the real estate number. From the landscape to the ceiling tiles, everything that goes into it determines how much a home will cost.

A lavish and modern home typically includes multi-garages, a number of various stories (did you know the White House has 4 stories?), bedrooms, bathrooms and gigantic kitchens. Architecture and home decor trends are rotating doors that change quickly. The minimalist trend for home decor features clean and appealing artifacts and designs. A ranch-style decor is currently popular right now as well.

Trending architecture and the labor/cost it takes to define a home. The kitchen takes the cake when it comes to architecture. The kitchen is typically the area, aside from the living room, that a lot of thought should be put into. Why? Because the kitchen is the nucleus of the home. states that “Kitchens are getting bigger. What was once hidden away is now the epicenter of every home. The dining room has begun to fade as seating space is now included as part of the kitchen.” Elegant and beautiful backsplashes are very popular details a number of lavish homes. Even the more affordable home kitchens can benefit from backsplashes, due to the touch of luxury they bring.

Not everyone can afford a $1+ million dollar home, but yours sure can look like it. The most affordable and sophisticated ceiling tiles and backsplashes are never too far. Contact us today.



Metal Ceiling Tiles – Drop In Grid Ceiling Tiles

Metal Ceiling Tiles – Drop In Metal Ceiling Tiles?

If you are interested in changing your existing drop ceiling tiles, we offer a variety of choices. Our Metal Ceiling Tiles come in a size of 24″ by 24″ and as many as 30 different color variations and designs to choose from. You can replace your older traditional acoustic tiles with our metal ceiling tiles, to give your space a more modern look. You can drastically alter the look of your home, office or business with our drop ceiling tiles, or choose something close to home. With so many choices, it is easy to find something that suits your style and needs.
Already have a drop ceiling tile in your grid system but don’t know what to do with it? Just choose any drop ceiling tile from our inventory to order, and when you receive your shipment, simply install the metal ceiling tiles.  

Metal Ceiling Tile

Metal Ceiling Tile

Metal Ceiling Tile

Metal Ceiling Tile

Why settle for a dull plain ceiling when our do it yourself drop in ceiling tiles can help you transform your space. Our drop ceiling tiles not only offer aesthetic beauty, but also come with a class A fire rating and are fire retardant, meaning they received one of the highest fire-resistance ratings. Now you can rest easy that your do-it-yourself renovation project is also beneficial as well as attractive.

View our entire selection of Metal  Ceiling Tiles at our online store.

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SHOP NOW Metal Ceiling Tiles


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