Ceiling Tile Cost

Ceiling Tile Cost is important when  you want to renovate your ceiling with ceiling tiles but are worried about the ceiling tile cost? We have ceiling tiles to fit just about anyone’s budget! You can shop our store for many beautiful ceiling tiles from Styrofoam (also commonly referred to as polystyrene) to PVC, commonly referred to polyvinyl chloride. With such a wide selection and a low ceiling tile cost, we are sure you will find something that fits your style and budget for the renovation you’ve been dreaming of.

Ceiling Tile Cost
If you are looking to remodel your home or office on a budget, our Styrofoam and PVC tiles are the way to go. Our PVC tiles are available in 24″ by 24″ and look just like real tin ceiling tiles for only a fraction of the price. Our Styrofoam Ceiling tiles in size 20″ x 20″ is an economical way to renovate. There is no need to splurge when you can get the same look for less.

More Ways to Reduce Ceiling Tile Costs

The PVC ceiling tile is available for multiple different types of installation processes. These include glue to sheet rock, wood, or most any surface with contact cement; The application to a smooth surface can be done with overlapping edges to avoid seems.
Our Styrofoam ceiling tiles come in white and can be painted in any water based paint to achieve an antique look or even a faux look. There is no end to the possibilities with our ceiling tiles, you can get as creative as you imagination allows. With the money you will be saving on our ceiling tile cost, you will have enough left over to invest into other remodeling and renovation projects.

View our entire selection of ceiling tiles at our online store.

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