Ceiling Tile Insulation

If you are looking for a way to redecorate or renovate your ceiling, but also want added benefits such as ceiling tiles insulation, our polystyrene or Styrofoam ceiling tiles are the way to go. Not only do our ceiling tiles look great and complement any space, but they are practical as well! If you are looking for a way to help keep your space insulated, ceiling tiles insulation can help do this and best of all they are inexpensive and affordable. Our DIY or do it yourself ceiling tiles can help keep your energy bills low. Styrofoam or Polystyrene ceiling tiles insulation helps keep warm air in your home or office in the wintertime when it is cold out, and also helps keep your space cool in the summertime when it is hot out.

Ceiling Tile Insulation

The Logical Choice!

Styrofoam ceiling tiles are also mildew resistant and provide mildew protection! They are the perfect addition to help spruce up your bathroom or shower, and no need to worry about mildew forming! They are easily cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. Just be sure to caulk the edges after installation. In addition to all of these wonderful added benefits, our ceiling tiles are so easy to install, you can do it yourself! You have the option of hiring a contractor or a handyman, but it is not necessary as Styrofoam ceiling tiles are light, easy to apply, easy to cut, and all you need are some simple tools and supplies from your local hardware store.

Save Money – Looks Great

Overall, our ceiling tiles can save you a lot of money rather than if you went with tin ceiling tiles or real antique ceiling tiles. Our Styrofoam ceiling tiles come in plain white, but can easily be painted in any water based paint to help you achieve the look you are going for without the hefty price tag. Many people are thrown for a loop when they find out that the finished installed product on the beautiful ceiling they are viewing is actually Styrofoam. Ceiling Tiles By Us’ ceiling tiles provide ceiling tile insulation, mildew protection, practicality and aesthetic appeal at low discount prices that are sure to save you money.




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