Decorative Ceiling Tiles For Glue Up, Drop In Grid 24 x 24

Product Information

Installation Instructions For Overlapping Edges

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Product Information

Material: Rigid PVC.

Size: 2′ x 2′ (foot) (4 Square feet)

Thickness: 0.30 mm, original thickness but increased to 50MM & Custom Order to 70MM

Designs: 40

Color: Any Plain Color Shade. Combination Colors. Antique Process is Hand Painted & will  vary in shades as different lots are prepared by different people and the spreading & wiping process will vary in shades. Production Methods are applied to try and avoid varying Antique Shades but lighter & darker colors do occur, so it is very good idea to order plenty of tiles for the project. The reason is the next order for a few tiles may create a match problem.

Effects: Wooden Grains effects, Metallic, Pearl, Velvet etc.

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Ceiling Tiles

Class A Fire Rated for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials:

Test Methods conducted by INTERTEK and published as follows:


ASTEM E84-08

ANSI 2.5

NFPA 255

UBC 8-1 (42-1)


Our PVC Ceiling Tile Sheets or Ceiling Tile Skins are in fact Fire Rated but the Customer must be aware there may be codes applicable in the area you are located that need your attention before your purchase and installation of products.  The Customer needs to be aware or become informed of what may be applicable in your local area. We do not warrant nor guarantee that our Fire Ratings are acceptable  to Inspectors in all Towns, Cities, Counties or States in which you the customer are located or location you wish to install and use the product. It is the Customer’s Responsibility  to check within your local area to determine what particular codes, rules or regulations may apply to the particular use you may have for the product application.  Refer to Local Building Codes as they may vary from Jurisdiction to Jurisdiction as may be contained are referenced in the international Code Council (ICC).

Please refer the Color Range page for complete details about the color and effects.
Our PVC Ceiling Tiles are available in approximately 40 different designs
and approx 30 different colors and even more with various color
combinations and can be installed in multiple applications.

These applications include 24″ x 24″ (approx. size of design) PVC Sheets

(approx. actual size 24.5″ x 24.5″) with overlapping edges (glued overlapping
to eliminate seems) applied with contact cement to a clean smooth surface.

Please see the two Videos below, both Part I & Part II for a complete Product Installation Demonstration of our PVC Ceiling Tiles with overlapping edges.





Additional application is 24″ x 24″ actual USA Standard Grid Ceiling Tile
size (approx. 23.5″ x 23.5″ design to fit within a standard grid system
again in PVC Sheets that will probably sag and require some type of
backing for support and the recommended application in this instance is to
glue the PVC Sheets to the existing Grid Acoustical Ceiling Tile and place
back into the existing grid. For this application customer can use other
backing such as thin plywood or Luann cut by customer to size desired.


Application: To decorate Ceiling.

If you want to add your special touch in our products, we welcome your suggestions /requirements. Customization is possible
on all these specifications.

Just follow these 4 simple steps to install / paste the Ceiling Tiles By Us 24″ x 24″ Overlapping Edge Decorative Ceiling System.
It is really quick and easy.

PVC Ceiling Tile Design VC-2 can be applied with glue with overlapping edges to most any clean smooth surface and can also available in Standard Grid Size for installation in a Grid System. Please see picture below.

1. Prepare the surface: Wipe off the ceiling / surface and make it smooth and even. Remove loose plaster, paint, wall paper etc.

2. Draw an angle: draw straight lines in the corner (in width and length part) and make a 90o angle, for starting point of pasting.

3. Apply the adhesive: Apply any good quality Contact Cement, rubber or urethane base adhesive only on the edges and raised crossed section of the
sheet, and let it be dry till the solvent of adhesive evaporates. We always recommend that all customers always test your application and allow it to rest at least 24 hours to evaluate the process and make an informed decision as the application process that is right for your particular scenerio. We also recommend a clean dry surface and to use a Premium quality, brush grade, neoprene-based contact cement that meets the stringent requirements of the professional user. High strength and initial grab make it ideal for most projects. Fast-drying formula dries in 15-20 minutes. Offers high heat and water resistance when dry. We suggest Wellwood by Dap, Inc., and suggest the below direct link to their product and help to locate a dealer near you. We also suggest Liquid Nail Contact Cement at this Link.

Please go to your local hardware or check these link:×24.php

4. Place & Press: Place the sheet in the required position (first sheet at the 90o point) and press firmly but gently overlap
the ends of the previous sheet and press firmly.

The advantages of the Ceiling Tiles By Us Decorative Ceiling System, in 24 x 24 with Overlapping Edges providing you an extra edge
with uniqueness in your interior decoration due to multiple designs available in all colors.

Long lasting & Durable

Widest range to choose from

Partly replaceable

Colorable (Any good quality paint)

No Fungus & Termite Effect

Convenient Size 2′ x 2′

Washable (with mild detergent)



Light in weight



Dimensionally stable

Easy, Quick & Low cost in fixing

Fire Retardant (will not support and catch flame in case of fire)

Antistatic (will not create static electricity, as other plastic does)

Ideal for any Ceiling in any weather condition

The Ceiling Tiles By Us PVC Decorative Ceiling System is available in the market since last 15 Years. They are manufactured
from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets. It is dimensionally embossed to create three dimensions effect, and the grater
artwork is created with various colors & effects. The combination of the above result in an extra ordinary and incomparable
outlooks and appearance.

The PVC are available in the size of 24″x 24″ it is available in 40+ Beautiful designs, almost in any color shade or combination
of 2 or more colors available. The effect like wooden grains, Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.), Pearl shine etc. which make it
stylish and aesthetic.

The PVC can be fixed on any Hard & Plain Surface with any good quality rubber base adhesive. They can be used in Homes, Offices,
Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc. As they are very economical & having the best quality.

All the Designs Are Available In All The Colors!

Installation Instructions For Overlapping Edges

  • The PVC Ceiling Tiles, can be installed on any hard and plain surface
  • The Tiles can be cut with scissors for required fitting size.
  • To install the tiles on the T-bar system or suspending grids, first create a false ceiling structure on the T-bar system using Plywood, MDF, Block board etc. then just paste the tiles on the false ceiling.
  • The Decoraids Ceiling Tiles are washable and colorable.

Just follow these 4 simple steps to install or paste the Decoraids Ceiling Tiles. It’s really quick and easy.

1. Prepare the surface: Wipe off the ceiling or surface and make it smooth and even. Remove loose plaster, paint, wall paper etc.

2. Draw an angle: if the ceiling is not an exact square or rectangle, there may have some slight difference in the angle of the ceiling. So, just draw straight lines in the corner (in width and length part) and make a 90o angle as a starting point of pasting.

3. Apply the adhesive: Apply any good quality rubber base adhesive only on the edges and raised crossed section of the sheet, and let it be dry till the solvent of adhesive evaporates. Please check the drying time on the pack of the adhesive, usually it is anywhere between 4-8 minutes. We suggest applying the adhesive on the ceiling also for better bonding and strength. Approximately, 1 kg. adhesive will require to cover 25 tiles or 100 square feet, if you apply on both, the tiles and the ceiling.

4. Place & Press: Place the sheet in the required position (first sheet at the 90o corner) and press firmly but gently. Overlap the edges of the previous sheet and press firmly with fingertips.

Example of Over-Lapping Tiles

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call 800-349-5799



Frequently Asked Questions

Our 24″ x 24″ PVC Ceiling Tiles are available for three different Installation Applications.

1) Without PU (Polyurethane) Backing in 24×24 size to be applied with glue to an existing Ceiling Tile in a Grid System to create a Decorative Ceiling.

2) Without PU (Polyurethane) Backing with overlapping edges to be applied with glue to a flat smooth surface such as drywall before painting. This product can not be applied over popcorn or over surfaces that contains pores or cavities.

3) With PU Backing for installation in a grid system when it is new construction or remove and replace is objective. Also we have PU Backing in two different styles one is more expensive than the other. The first has a thinner thickness, about 6MM used for flat design with some relief and the other is thicker with an additional PVC sheet as a backing used for the designs with some or strong relief.

1. How long is the life of the PVC products?

The PVC products are extremely durable and they have a very long life.

2.How to maintain the PVC products?

You can Wash all the products with water and mild soap, you can use vacuum cleaner, blower, etc. to clean and maintain the products. So, it is very easy and quick to maintain the PVC the products.

3. How long is the life of color of the products?

As the PVC products are coated with specialty coatings, they are Scratch resistant, and UV (ultra violet) resistant so, there will be no effect on color from direct sunlight and scratches. So, the color will remain the same for a very long time.

4. Can it be painted after installation and after some time? How?

YES, it can be painted after installation. You just have to use any Plastic Paint or use a Spray, to recolor your favorite shade. Please note, the new shade should be darker than the existing shade, for better results.

5. What are the weights of PVC products?

  • Decorative Ceiling System:
  • Suspending Ceiling System:
  • Cornice and Borders:
  • Door Skins:
  • Penal Doors:
  • Furnishing Films:
  • Wall Coverings:

These PVC products are light but weight can vary significantly depending upon the product variation and we suggest you contact us to discuss your intended application. Call 800-349-5799 or e-mail you question to us at

6. How to cut the PVC products?

All the PVC products are very easy to cut according to the installation needs. They can be cut with Scissors, except Cornice & Borders, to cut them hack saw (with the smallest teeth) should be used.

7. Can the consumer combine two products / designs while installing?

YES, The consumer can use the designs according to their imagination, as our products are designed in a consumer friendly manner and to provide maximum solution in helping you to create endless possibilities. The consumer can combine any design of any of our PVC products or the consumer can also combine our different PVC products for a particular area of decoration. As an example the consumer can combine Door Skins and Cornice & Borders, Decorative Ceiling System and Cornice & Borders, Decorative Ceiling System and Door Skins etc.

8. Which and how much adhesive should be used to Paste / Install PVC products?

Through any Rubber Adhesive the PVC products can be pasted on any hard and plain surface. the approximate quantity to paste the products are as follows:

  • Decorative Ceiling System:
  • Cornice and Borders:
  • Door Skins:
  • Furnishing Films:
  • Wall Coverings:

As to amount of glue apply in sufficient quanity to allow uniform adhesion of all areas.

9. Are the PVC products fireproof?

The PVC products are non flammable, i.e. it won’t support fire and it won’t catch flame. But it will damage itself in case of fire like all other materials such as cloth, plastics, wood and metal.

10. Are the PVC products environment friendly and recycle able?

YES. All the PVC products are environment friendly and it can be recycled.

11. Is PVC harmful?

NO. We use high quality virgin PVC sheets so, it is not harmful to any one in any aspect.

12. Which conditions and elements will effect the PVC products adversely?
As the products are made from high quality PVC most any environmental condition will not effect them. From extreme cold to hot from dry to wet, any weather condition can not effect the products.

13. What about breakage and strength of PVC products?

The products are designed in such a way to resist day to day blow and strokes. So, it won’t break easily.

14. Can the company make Custom Designs, Colors, Sizes etc.?

YES, as the company is highly integrated and having all the facilities and departments, the company can manufacture Custom Designs, Colors, Sizes, Effects etc.

15. How will the company deliver the products?

That depends on the quantity ordered. The company can deliver any quantity ordered through Post, Courier, Road cargo, Air cargo, Sea cargo etc. which is cheaper and effective.

16. Is it necessary to fill the embossed part of Door Skins? What should be filled? How?

We recommend to fill the embossed part of Plain (only PVC, no, plywood or flush door) Door Skins, with Plaster of Paris before installation. It will increase the strength and life of the Door Skins and will be able to resist harder strokes and blows. It can be filled by a simple cone filled with wet Plaster Of Paris and let it be dry for a while.


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