Chutney & Pickle Restaurant Installs PVC Ceiling Tiles in Suspended Grid Drop in Ceiling

Tin silver drop in, grid, suspended ceiling tile design #27 was the ceiling tiles selected by the owners and interior designers for the Chutney & Pickle Restaurant located in Coral Springs, Florida. These ceiling tiles were selected after the owner inspected and evaluated many different designs and colors.

Chutney & Pickle pvc ceiling tilesThe restaurant was designed by a trusted interior designer know to the owners and together they created an elegant atmosphere to satisfy all the senses with its vibrant colors, spicy aroma and modern Indian music. After opening 20 fine Indian restaurants throughout the north eastern united states the owners opened the chutney and pickle serving fine Indian cuisine and a tradition of excellence selected for its new restaurant ceiling tiles from ceiling tiles by us.

The tin silver pvc ceiling tiles look far better than tin metal and are far less hazardous as far as danger in cutting the fingers, hands or arms of the installer or handler while measuring and cutting metal ceiling tiles with tin shears. The pvc ceiling tiles are easily cut with a regular pair of scissors or a box cutter. The tin color of these beautiful pvc ceiling tiles were perfect for a drop in grid suspended ceiling creating a beautiful antique style look that is easy to install . The tin silver pvc ceiling tiles were installed beneath the acoustical ceiling tiles as this increased the fire rating, provided greater sound absorption as well as a little weight to the pvc ceiling til sheets these ceiling tiles are made of a flexible fire rated material and gives dimension and personality to the ceiling.

Style #27 PVC Ceiling Tile

Style #27 PVC Ceiling Tile used at Chutney & Pickle

India is known for its warm hospitality, rich heritage, and flavorable cuisine and the chutney & pickle restaurant creating a menu of traditional recipes made from a vast palate of spices and ingredients. Chutney & Pickle fine Indian cuisine restaurant located at 10190 west sample road, Coral Springs, Florida 33065 invite you experience its fine food, hospitality and beautiful ambiance. Please visit web site or call at 954-344-3644.







PVC Ceiling Tile Install at Chutney & Pickle

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