Copper Coffered Ceilings: A True Design Statement

As a business owner, you know that creating a lasting impression on your customers is of the utmost importance. Incorporating unique design elements into your commercial space is an excellent way to accomplish this. And accent features such as copper coffered ceilings are a popular choice for creating that dramatic statement.

The Aesthetics of Copper Coffered Ceilings

Accent features such as copper ceiling tiles add drama and visual appeal to your commercial setting. This beautifully embossed feature creates a statement that sets you apart from others in your industry.  This is especially important for restaurants and hotels, where aesthetics really matter. Additionally, copper coffered ceilings can creatively disguise minor cosmetic flaws.

The Logistical Benefits

You can easily install these ceiling tiles into your space, making them a great DIY project. Additionally, they are a low-maintenance option, as they are typically moisture-resistant and are washable as well. Plus, many varieties have class-A fire rating, an added plus for commercial spaces.

An Economical Design Feature

Copper coffered ceilings are one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your space. Plus, there are several materials to choose from,  including both plastic and metal tiles. Both of these options provide you with long-lasting durability, very little maintenance, and ease of cleaning.

Plastic tiles are the cheaper alternative and are easy to install yourself. They can be glued to grids, suspended ceilings, or even existing tiles. You can install metal coffered ceiling tiles on almost any building material, either placing them on a grid or nailing them in. Either way, both versions give you the drama without breaking the bank.

At Ceiling Tiles By Us, we offer a variety of ceiling tiles, including plastic and metal copper coffered ceiling options. Visit us online to explore our selection!