Do It Yourself Home Remodeling Ideas

Do it yourself home remodeling ideas were a prime concern for our family when in October 2010 we purchased our beautiful home originally built in 1902. We wanted to do something to create a beautiful ceiling as all too often the ceiling is ignored while much effort and expense is placed in the Floor, Wall and Window coverings. We decided to start our Do it yourself home remodeling project in our Dining Room. After searching for a Ceiling Remodeling Idea we found the beautiful ceiling tiles offered by Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc. We found how to videos and after researching we decided to purchaser PVC Ceiling Tiles with overlapping edges designed to be applied with glue to a clean reasonably smooth surface such as drywall, sheetrock or plastered ceilings. We selected PVC Ceiling Tile Design # 303 in Antique Copper. Our Dining Room is not square and the Chandelier is not exactly centered so we centered the design of the Ceiling Tile to the center of the Chandelier.


Ideas To Remodel Your Home Quickly and Easily

Our Do It Yourself Home Remodeling Project was made easy as the PVC Ceiling Tiles is were easy to install. After planning and testing we were able to disconnect the Chandelier measure and easily cut the center hole of the ceiling tiles with standard scissors. We use the recommended glue “Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive” using a standard caulk gun. After the first tile was installed we could easily gluer the next tile with the approximate 1/4″ inch overlapping seams. We were careful to read the manufacturer’s instructions and to keep a moist sponge close by to wipe off any spillage or overrun of excessive glue before it began to set and harden. We also installed Crown Molding and the result are just amazing. Not bad for a base cost for PVC Ceiling Tiles of about $2.25 per Square foot and makes an excellent idea for great Do It Your Self Home Remodeling Project.

Our ceiling just beautiful after we completed our Do It Yourself Home Remodeling Project as can be seen by these pictures. It is true what is said about a picture being worth a thousand words. We certainly feel the results are fantastic and we can hardly wait for the next room to select another of the Beautiful Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling Tiles By Us.

Linda B. Michigan

Antique Copper

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