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All Styrofoam, Royal, Classic, Modern and Grand Ceiling Tiles are manafactured where the metric system of measurement is the standard and
each is approximately 50cm x 50cm and the approximate USA measurement is approximately 20 inch x 20 inch.

Does These Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles (Styrofoam, Royal, Modern Classic & Grand vary in appearance, texture, thickness or Sheen?

Generally this is never an issue. Light from a window or artifical electric source in a installation location can sometimes seemingly suggest a lighter color or less sheen in some products. All of these products are Styrofoam Products and Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles are generally in white and can easily be painted in any water based color using a roller, brush as preferred except for professional sprayer use. On Rare Occasions due to the required Manafacturing Process, Materials Involved there can, very rarley, be some customers who raise a question of some slight suggestion of variances involving Sheen. The Factory Manufacturing Process takes all precautions to insure uniformity and the Shipping & Handling Process allows inspection of each package of 8 pre wrapped in plastic Ceiling Tiles to elimnate within reason any problems of this nature or any damage. However on very rare instances some customers (perhaps one in twenty-five hundred) may notice a seemingly duller sheen on some Ceiling Tiles. It is recommended the Customer Inspect the product, taking care to not damage the product, as part of the preparation for Planned Installation Process to satisfy themselves that the products meets their expectations. If the shipment involves multiple boxes for a larger project common sense suggest one should inpect the product. Without question this shall occur prior to actually gluing the product to the ceiling before raising such a question.

How thick are your Ceiling Tiles?

Our Ceiling Tiles range from approximately 1/8 inch to 1/3 inch in thickness.

Are the Ceiling Tiles flame retardant, does it produce noxious fumes?

Our Ceiling Tiles are fire rated by the manufacturer.
The Ceiling Tiles are not combustible or flammable nor do they produce
noxious fumes however I would not breathe the smoke from my clothing or from the ceiling tiles. For more information please see below sections.

Will Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles provide any Insulation Qualities?

Yes. Below near the end of this page you find a link to a Global New Article discussing this subject. With this purpose in mind we recommend our Classic Ceiling Tiles as they are approximately 1/3 inch thick.

What is your ceiling tiles made out of?

Our Ceiling Tiles, Styrofoam, Royal, Classic & Modern are made of self-extinguishing uniform extruded polystyrene foam a/k/a Styrofoam. Grand Ceiling Tiles have a PVC facing. Our 24″ x 24″ ceiling tiles are made of P.V.C. For more information please see below sections.

What is the size of your Ceiling Tiles?

Our Ceiling Tiles are 500 mm x 500 mm or approximately 20 inches x 20 inches. This is approximately 2.67 to 2.7 square foot for each Ceiling Tile.

How thick are your Ceiling Tiles?

Our Ceiling Tiles range from approximately 1/8 inch to 1/3 inch in thickness.

Are your Ceiling Tiles Paintable?

Ceiling Tiles are paintable with an emulsion, acrylic or other water based paint. It is recommend that they be painted with an airless paint sprayer. We do not recommend you paint with Spray Cans of Paint due to the propellants that create the spray. Be VERY careful with spray cans of paint, as certain types of propellants will cause melted pits or spots and can warp the ceiling tiles. Therefore it is highly recommend you plan prepare and test a small area on one ceiling tile and make an informed decision before undertaking your project and paint prior to installation. Ceiling Tiles can be painted after installation however this is a problematic process requiring experienced skills. When painting Ceiling Tiles Always test a Sample Ceiling Tile first and we suggest you wait at least 24 hours to be certain of the results. We recommend the when painting Ceiling Tiles match the caulk to the Ceiling Tile Color you choose and test to make sure it is compatible to Foam and or PVC Materials.

How are the Ceiling Tiles Installed?

Ceiling Tiles are glued over most any secure structurally sound firm flat surface such as Popcorn, Knockdown, Sheetrock, Drywall, Wallboard Wood, Gypsum wall panels, plywood, preferably exterior grade plywood, Concrete, glass mesh, mortar units etc. Ceiling Tiles are not designed to replace any of these surfaces and not recommended to apply to joist.

Note: For detail instructions on installation of Ceiling Tiles please refer to and print our installation page from our
web site:

What type of glue do I use to apply the Ceiling Tiles?

We recommend Ceramic Tile Adhesive also known as or sometimes referred to as mastic, which is a white acrylic latex adhesive, which will bond ceramic tiles to structurally sound secure dry flat surfaces. It is excellent for setting ceramic tile over drywall and therefore excellent for applying dabs to the rear of our Ceiling Tiles and applying to your ceiling as described. We also recommend Liquid Nail, especially for application to Wood and Metal surfaces. However be very careful to insure you only use Liquid Nail for Wood & Foam Moldings as other types of Liquid Nail will dissolve and or damage plastics including self-extinguishing uniform extruded polystyrene foam A/K/A Styrofoam. It is highly recommended that you test a small area on one Ceiling Tile to be certain. There are many different brands available from your local hardware or ceramic tile store. We frequently use the brand AcryLPro Ceramic Tile Adhesive A/K A Mastic.

What is the price for your Ceiling Tiles?

Our Ceiling Tile are regularly priced as follows:

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles – $1.54 per square foot or $4.15 for each Ceiling Tile.

Royal Ceiling Tiles – $1.54 per square foot or $4.15 for each Ceiling Tile.

Classic Ceiling Tiles -$1.54 per square foot or $4.15 for each Ceiling Tile.

Modern Ceiling Tiles – $1.54 per square foot or $4.15 for each Ceiling Tile.

Grand Ceiling Tiles – $1.95 per square foot or $5.37 for each Ceiling Tile.

Please note the above are our usual and customary Ceiling Tile Prices for the stated Category of Ceiling Tiles. Due to promotional considerations created by changing conditions we may periodically offer sale items and the price may not reflect the involved Ceiling Tile is on a Special Discounted Ceiling Tile.

Under no conditions will more than any one discount apply to any sale for any reason. Should a conflicting scenario arise, with more than one discount claimed to be applicable only one discount will apply to any product. Under no circumstances will there be multiple discounts as the greater single discount will apply and all other discounts are voided by their mere presentation
or manifestation.

What are Shipping and Handling Cost?

For actual shipping charges please visit:

Federal Express

United Parcel Service

United States Postal Service

Ceiling Tiles:

Within the United States, contiguous 48 States, Fed Ex Ground or United Postal Service is a minimum shipping and handling charge of $10.00 with a charge of $0.40 per Ceiling Tile for Royal and $0.79 per Ceiling Tile for Modern, Grand and Classic as they are thicker. PVC without PU Backing is $1.00 each.For Special Order of Product Design in Color not in stock the S & H will be $1.70 per PVC Ceiling for Ceiling Tiles not inclusive of Ceiling Tiles with Polyurethene Backing, as Special Orders of this nature are shipped direct from the Factory to the Customer by Air Courier. We accept Special Orders to Ship by Sea Cargo at the regular S & H price of $1.00 per Ceiling Tile again not applying to Pvc Ceiling Tiles with Backing for Grid Installation. This shipping & handling applies to PVC Without PU Backing Ceiling Tile Sheets for application to a smooth surface with overlapping edges and for application to existing grid ceiling tile. It is requested we be allowed to provide the actual quote for shipping and handling for the more difficult items such as Crown Molding or bulky items such as Large Rosettes and PVC Ceiling Tiles with polyurethene backing for installation in a grid system, etc. The minimum shipping charge for Crown Moldings is $30.00 for 8 foot length and $20.00 for Crown Molding length under 5 feet as it cost as much to ship one piece as to ship multiple pieces therefore we will as stated quote the shipping and handling cost as to the purchase at the time of purchase. For shipments outside the USA, meaning the contagious 48 states, we will usually defer to the U. S. Postal Service. Federal Express or United Parcel Service and their rates apply as published on their respective web sites. The prevailing most reasonably and acceptable shipment method apply to all shipments to all locations. We accept all major credit cards and as offered or handled by Pay Pal. Please refer to our “Order Page”.

Should the product ordered be shipped to a foreign country, other than the United States of America, Importation Laws and Rules imnposed by the recipant’s domociled country usually referred to as Import Fees, Duty, Customs or some form of Import Tax may apply. Such Tax imposed and collected by that country on imported products are seperate and are the full and total responsibility of the purchaser/customer and are collected by that country not by Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc., or its agents or representatives. Should the customer refuse to pay such taxes , duty or fees and seek to collect from Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc., all cost associated therewith shall be the responsibility of the original customer placing the order and making the purchase.

Usually 30 to 100 Ceiling Tiles per box in packages or sets of eight pre wrapped in plastic at the factory. Ceiling Tile boxes are 20′ x 20″ x 2″ and vary up to 20″. In all other areas we utilize the
United States Postal Service at rates published at their web site or at 1-800 ask usps and generally the most economical cost effective method is by ship taking 3 to 5 weeks and can be approximately $25.00 to $35.00 per box outside the contiguous 48 United States.

Shipping Procedures:

As a rule we ship by Fed Ex Ground providing delivery within the 48 United States in 3 to 5 working days. We do purchase insurance from the shipping method or shipping company and that insurance covers damage to product while within custody of the shipping company. We as a rule do not ship with a signature requirement to confirm delivery. The reason is often times the customer may not be home when the product is delivered. Therefore we require the customer advise us as to any special shipping requirements they may desire to include but not limited to, leaving the package at a specific location such as a side porch or to specifically require a signature by the customer. When there is a signature requirement the shipping method/company will not leave the product at the address door and if no one is at the delivery location to sign for the delivery a call slip is left at the premises. The call slip request the customer pick up the product or call the delivery company to schedule the delivery of the product. Due to customer complaints for the signature confirmation we do not ship with a signature requirement unless specifically requested to do so by the customer.




In preparation of this site & its many pages and products, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct and clearly expressed information possible.  Nevertheless, this is not a perfect world and no one nor anything can function at 100% proficiency 100% of the time and human nature and other influences can cause inadvertent errors in information that may occur.  In particular but without limiting anything here, Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc disclaims any responsibility for typographical errors and accuracy of the information that may be contained on the Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc web pages. Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc also reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. 

The information and data included on this site have been compiled by Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc staff from a variety of sources and are subject to change without notice.  Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc makes no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding the quality, content, completeness or adequacy of such information and data.

If misleading, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to fix or remove it.  Such concerns should be in writing to e-mail address [email protected]

Crown Molding:

Costs are very high to ship Crown Moldings due primarily to the length being up to 8 feet. It cost the same to ship one Crown Molding 8 feet long as it does to ship 10 to 15 or even 30 depending on the size of Crown Molding involved. This includes the use of an 8-foot long and varying widths of 2 x 2 and 4 x 4, 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 wide tube box. The cost to ship one 8-foot box with one Crown Molding weighing in a less than 4 lbs to the Western USA can be as much as $40.00. For this reason our standard charge for any Crown Molding Order is a Flat Minimum of $30.00.

Crown Molding Samples:

When shipping a tube box 4 foot long or at 48 inches or less it cost less than $10.00. Should a Customer desire to purchase a sample of Crown Molding we suggest you contact us to make arrangements in order to avoid the otherwise high shipping cost.

Just wondering if the ceiling tiles can be used in an exterior application, won’t be exposed to water but will have outside temperatures below freezing?

We tested the Ceiling Tiles in a freezer at 4 degrees above zero for 17 hours and the freezing temperature had no affect whatsoever.We have submerged the Ceiling Tiles in water with no affect at all

Is it possible to get some samples of your Ceiling Tile Product?

Yes, It is possible to get some samples of our product. We must charge for the Ceiling Tile samples. We have no minimum number of Ceiling Tiles to purchase as you may purchase as little as one or select several samples. We will work with you any way reasonably possible. We have a few suggestions.

Please go to our Web Site

Select some ceiling tiles that interest you.

Let us know and we can check availability.

Our ceiling tiles are decorative only and are designed to glue (with Mastic) to a secure flat surface. E-mail us the identification
of the selected ceiling tiles.

We will check supply for availability and get back to you with an answer as to availability. There is a cost attached to that process. The cost factors are the box to hold samples, the selected samples, cost to ship and handling, time, to process, select, box the samples and ship to you. We suggest a purchase of several different Ceiling Tiles in the range of $20.00 to $28.00 total for this sample package. We make no money on the samples and seek to cover a portion of our cost.

To purchase a sample pack of Ceiling Tiles, with confirmation of availability, go to select the arranged for ceiling tiles and place your order. The flat minimum-shipping fee of $10.00 will be added to the purchase.

2) The other alternative is to cut a 20-inch x 20-inch ceiling tile into quarters place one section in an envelope and mail to you.
While cost effective for the customer this is not recommended. We will do if requested.

NOTE: Please consider this is Internet Shopping and the customer does not incur the cost of time, expense, wear and tear on your vehicle and risk of an accident, damages, Bodily or Property, riding from store to store.

How many Ceiling Tiles Do I need for my project?

Our Beautiful Ceiling Tiles are imported and made to European Measurements. Each Ceiling Tile is approximately 20 inches by 20 inches and covers approximately 400 square inches or 2.7 Square feet.

To determine the number of Ceiling Tiles needed for a particular size room you need to:

  • Measure the width and length and multiply the width x the length to determine the square feet of the area. (Example a room with a width of 10 feet and 10 feet length equals 100 square feet.
  • It is highly recommended to add 10 or 15% for overage as things happen in any installation project and you needa few extra ceiling tiles to have on hand just in case. Therefore you need 115 square feet.
  • Convert the 115 square feet to square inches (a square foot is 12 inches by 12 inches, 12×12 equals 144 square inches. 115 square feet x 144 square inches equal 16,560 square inches divided by 400 square inches (Ceiling Tile 20 inches by 20 inches equals 400 square inches). Therefore with a 10% overage factor you need 40 Ceiling Tiles and with a 15% overage factor you need 42 Ceiling Tiles.
  1. Ceiling Tiles are wrapped in clear plastic in the manufacturing process in packages of 8 for protection. Therefore the
    option is to purchase 40 Ceiling Tiles (not recommended) or purchase 48 Ceiling Tiles (Recommended) for a room 10 feet by 10 feet.

Can I install the Ceiling Tiles in my Bathroom, Patio or Lanai or areas of high moisture and humidly?

Our Ceiling Tiles are made of self-extinguishing uniform extruded polystyrene foam a plastic and or Styrofoam material. Due to the Ceiling Tile Style we recommend for this purpose our Royal Ceiling Tiles. They are waterproof and made with an easy clean surface. It is recommended Ceramic Tile Adhesive be applied to all edges and that caulk be applied to all crevices in an effort to keep mold and mildew out and to allow surfaces be cleaned.

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