Faux Tin Backsplashes: Alternative Design Projects

Thinking of livening up your home, restaurant, or bar space but not sure how to go about doing it? One great option is to add color and texture to your walls and ceilings. Faux Tin Backsplashes are a great cost-effective way to really create vibrancy in your kitchen, while also being easy to install and maintain. But did you know that you can also use this decor item in other ways? Read on to learn a few other unique ways you can incorporate it into your design.

Faux Tin Backsplashes Make For a Great Table Top Cover

In your home, add some real texture and color to your space by installing faux tin backsplashes to your kitchen table, or desk. Simply cut it to size, then adhere it to the surface. Then, lay down a glass top to protect it from scratches and dents.

If you own a restaurant or bar, your bar top is one of the main centerpieces of your space. Why not add some eye-catching details to this area by laying down a faux tin backsplash on your bar top? Add a glass top or cover with Epoxy Resin as well for a low-maintenance design upgrade.

Add Detail To Other Pieces of Furniture

Faux Tin Backsplashes work amazingly well for your kitchen, so why not use it in other places in your home? One great idea is to use in for the backs of your bookcases or other shelving. You can add it to the sides of coffee tables, on cabinets, or even on chests as well! You can even cut it to fit in frames and incorporate them into a gallery wall for an interesting design statement.

Create Borders For Mirrors

If you have mirrors in your home, why not change up the look of them by adding a faux tin backsplash border? This works well for both frameless and framed options and can be incorporated into a bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Upgrade Your Headboard

Want to give your bed a new look? Faux tin backsplashes can also work on your headboard and footboard! Play around with different metals or colors and create a unique collage. Or keep things classic and simple and stick to one type for your design. Don’t have a headboard? You can create your own headboard by sticking the backsplash to a canvas or putting it in several large frames. Another alternative is to use our decorative ceiling tiles as well.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen backsplash or want to add a unique look to other aspects of your home, office, or restaurant, our faux tin backsplash is the perfect choice to give your space the design statement you’ve been looking for. Visit us online today to explore our numerous styles.