Home renovation is an exciting and creative time for someone, but can turn out to be a costly and difficult project. Many people want to change the appearance of their home in some sort of way, but often turn to changing out floors and walls for a different look. There is another product on the market that many people are starting to discover for their home remodeling and home renovation needs. It is called ceiling tiles.

Home Renovation

Transform Your Home or Office!

Our ceiling tiles come in two different materials called Styrofoam 20” by 20 “and PVC (polyvinylchloride) 24” by 24”. They can both be applied to a smooth flat surface with overlapping edges, and our PVC tiles can be installed in a grid or Drop Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling. They are inexpensive, light, and easy to install. Best of all, they make home improvement a breeze, and give your home a beautiful and unique transformation! Home renovation costs can really put a damper on a home renovation project, but with ceiling tiles, you can keep your budget low when purchasing the product and you can do it yourself! Anyone can do it; all you need are a few supplies from your local hardware store. Basically measure, cut and glue after you plan your installation project. As they say practice makes perfect.

Great Looking At A Low Cost

You can get that look you have been wanting for a fraction of the price of real tin ceiling tiles which are expensive and difficult to install. We also carry PVC backsplashes for kitchen renovation. They can help you transform your kitchen on a budget. To view some home renovation photos, visit our website www.ceilingtilesbyus..com and go to “our work.” You will find many ideas and inspirations when viewing some of the creative ways our actual customers have used our products to enhance their homes.