Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine Install Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine restaurant installed beautiful decorative suspended grid ceiling tiles in their wedding reception and party room

215-Gold-Sky-Blue-Web-Small The Owners of Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine, a Five Star Rated Restaurant located in West Palm Beach, Florida selected PVC Drop In Ceiling Tiles in Design # 215 in Color of Gold Sky Blue for its Restaurant Remodeling Project. He Owner, Mr. Lawrence not only selected the Beautiful Ceiling Tiles he also installed them himself creating a beautiful accent in design in color that matches the Hand Paintings on the Walls as well.

Indus provides an atmosphere that is like no other restaurant in the United States, let alone in West Palm Beach, Florida. The atmosphere is truly fantastic and the high level of service starts when you walk through the door and being greeted by the friendly staff. The expert Chefs are trained not only on quality and quantity but speedy deliver of your order. All of their recipes are created by their Chefs and are Originals and are sure to create some excitement. From the overwhelming euphoria that the secret herbs and spices provide all the way down to the design of the plate. The overall experience continues with the first bite into and the taste of their authentic Indian Food all at the Five Star Level. Just for those who want to know Spice “HOT” ranges from Baby Mild to Extra Hot, five levels in all.

While enjoying the dining experience you can marvel at the Magnificent Beautiful Ceiling Tiles that truly set this restaurant unto itself. There is the large Restaurant, Large Bar, Outdoor Tables, to enjoy the South Florida weather, but a Truly Beautiful Separate Room for Weddings, Receptions, and Parties of all types, which feature the Beautiful Grid Suspended Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc.  Check out the stlye #215 and all other tiles in our online store.



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