Installing A Modern Backsplash

A Modern Backsplash can be very appealing and can drastically transform your kitchen or any space of your choice into one with elegance, life, and personality. Unfortunately, many of the backsplashes currently offered in ceramic tile in your tile store and hardware stores are very expensive and do not allow much room for selection if you are on a budget. Modern backsplash can either be art deco style, cutting edge colors like silver and black or antique style, like antique copper, antique silver and antique gold as vintage and antique is also in style in modern times.

Choosing To Installing A Modern Backsplash In Your Home or Office

So how do you give your kitchen, home, or office a new modern look without spending a fortune? Our PVC (polyvinylchloride) modern backsplash is your answer. At only a fraction of the price of backsplashes you would purchase at a local store, our backsplashes can provide you with the look you are going for without having to shell out the big bucks. You can even save money on installation by installing yourself as a great Do It Yourself Project. Just measure cut with scissors and glue with contact cement.

Our website features many personally and professionally photographs from actual customers who have installed our PVC modern backsplashes in their homes, offices, Bars and Restaurants and other places of business. There are many creative ways to use our backsplashes when remodeling, renovating, or redesigning your home or office. Our PVC Backsplash is available in rolls 2 feet wide and in lengths of 25 feet and 50 feet or most any length you desire. We carry a wide array of designs and patterns in a wide variety of colors. Most all patterns are available in most all colors. To see pictures of backsplashes including modern and antique backsplashes view our photo gallery.


128 Antique Copper Install

Restaurant Bar Cover With Backsplash Roll

WC 40

WC-40 Silver Back Splash Installed

Kichen Backsplash wc-40 Copper

Kitchen Backsplash Install

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