Installing Ceiling Tile

Ceiling tile installation is a safe and easy process, provided you have the right equipment on hand and that you follow commonsense precautions. Your first step is to purchase preferred ceiling tiles, moldings, and borders from Ceiling Tiles By Us. We offer a range of affordable, elegant designs to assist you with your renovation or decoration project, and we’re more than happy to walk you through the process of selecting your tiles and installing them.

Tips for Installing Ceiling Tile

Installing Ceiling TileOnce you have the appropriate tiles and molding, you need to collect tools and materials. These include caulking, caulking application supplies, a wallpaper knife to slice the tiles to fit, and an adhesive known as mastic. Before you begin, make sure that your application surface is dry, stable, hard, and even, to prevent slippage, leaking, and other structural problems.

You want to locate the middle of your ceiling by “triangulating” a string through the diagonals (you can see how to do this visually here on our site). Then divide the ceiling into four rectangles and apply a layer of mastic to your tiles. The mastic shouldn’t be too thick or flat. Ideally, you want to put adhesive “hills” in the corners and middle of your tiles.

Subsequently, lay your tiles, ensure proper gluing, create parallel rows of tiles, and finally, apply caulking. For more detailed information about the installation process, please browse the rest of We can answer any questions you have about installation–call or email one of our service representatives for more details.

View our entire selection of ceiling tiles at our online store or learn how to install the 20×20 styrofoam and 24×24 PVC tiles.

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