Installing Ceiling Tiles

Whether you are considering ceiling tiles in order to renovate, redecorate, or remodel your home or office, or just to improve your home’s resale value, installing ceiling tiles is simple, fast, and practical. You can either hire a licensed installer or contractor to install your new ceiling tiles, or you can do it yourself! It’s easy to do, all you need are a few materials and you are set to start on installing your ceiling tiles.

Installing Ceiling Tiles
One of the first things to consider when installing ceiling tiles is what kind of ceiling tile you have chosen. There are Styrofoam 20″ by 20″, PVC glue up 24″ by 24″ and PVC 24″ by 24″ for a drop in grid system or suspended ceiling. If you have chosen Styrofoam ceiling tiles, you will need mastic, a box cutter, caulk, a caulk gun, gloves, and a sponge. If you have chosen PVC glue up tiles, you will need liquid nail glue or contact cement, and if you have chosen PVC tiles for a drop in grid system, you may only need clasps to add sturdiness. Next, prepare your surface by cleaning it. Make sure you have a smooth flat surface.

Installing Ceiling Tiles Tips

After you have gotten all your materials, center your room by finding the middle of your ceiling. Once you have done that, start gluing up your tiles working your way from the center of the room out. When you encounter vents and other such areas, simply cut your tile to fit around them. Once you get to the ends of the room, the tiles should be cut the same size on the sides parallel to one another, unless your walls are uneven. When you have finished installing your ceiling tiles, many Styrofoam ceiling tile projects may require completing the installation by applying mastic to seal up any gaps and to blend the tiles one into another.

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