Insulation with Ceiling Tiles

Using Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles, also referred to as extruded polystyrene ceiling tiles, is an excellent way to add some additional insulation to your home or office and save some energy and money by reducing electricity use. Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles are made of foam which consists of small beads of polystyrene. Different manufacturing process produce different products such as polystyrene insulation materials that is commonly referred to as Molded expanded polystyrene (MEPS, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS).

Add Insulation by Installing Ceiling Tiles

Insulation with Ceiling TilesStyrofoam Ceiling Tiles can help improve insulation when applied to your existing secure ceiling surface. Plain dull ceilings can be transformed into a beautiful decorated ceiling by the simple installation process of applying glue to the ceiling tile and glue to the existing ceiling. The recommended glue is Ceramic Tile Adhesive also referred to as Mastic. Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles can be painted in any color using water based paint. Use Metallic Paint to create an appearance of Copper Ceiling Tile, Antique Copper Ceiling Tiles or Silver Ceiling Tiles all at a fraction of the price of the cost and many say the look is better than Copper Ceiling Tiles.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles are perfect for your home remodeling project or the office remodeling project all blended into a perfect combination to aid in the Insulation of your home or office and create a beautifully decorative ceiling and save money in the process. What a fantastic idea for your home décor or office décor.

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