Melt Away Ceiling Tile For Grid Suspended Drop In Ceiling System


In these modern times the Building Owner or Landlord may be confronted with a Code Inspection with a requirement for a Grid, Suspended or Drop In Ceiling Tile that in case of a Fire, melt and drop from the Grid. The more prevalent reason for this may be that the activator for the fire sprinkler system may be mounted above the ceiling tile.  What this could imply is that the heat needs to reach the Fire Sprinkler Activator to trigger the Fire Sprinkler System to engage and suppress the fire or to extinguish the fire. Should that be the scenario a tile that will melt and allow this process to occur is called a Melt Away Ceiling Tile.

Our melt away ceiling tile is Fire Test Rating of our PVC Ceiling Tiles  Began to Melt at 0.04 min/sec and fall to the floor at 0.42 min/sec. The approximate Temperature would be close to 150 degrees. This is a PVC Ceiling Tile in a grid, suspended or drop ceiling. The Fire Rating and Testing Results are available upon request. However, we can not state nor guarantee that our results is or is not acceptable in your. the local customer installation geographical are area, as to Code Requirements. That you, the end user or installer, will by necessity be required and a duty of the customer or installer  resolve with your local Code Inspector as to what is required as to time to melt and fall from the grid and at what temperature.  The reason for this statement is we do not know how the local building or code inspector might apply the code requirements if such exist.

This tile is easily able to be cleaned if needed and the best thing about it is that it can still be customized or changed by being painted or coated with your favorite texture and colors. U Using light weight material such as this PVC based tile is very easy to work with and much easier to install than the real tin or metal ceiling tiles.

Can be  used as a Melt Away Drop In Grid Suspended Ceiling Tile. VC–02 ANTIQUE COPPER PVC CEILING TILE

Our Vast Selection of Melt Away Ceiling Tile Will Have The Perfect Choice For You

Our Melt away PVC Ceiling Tiles are available in 24″x 24″  size only and not available in 24″ x 48″. It is recommended the end user or installer convert the 24″ 48″ to a 24″ x 24″  by installing a cross T Bar.

These tiles are Beautiful Decorative Ceiling Tiles available in many designs and many colors. You are sure to be impressed with the level of quality and great looks that these tiles can bring to your office or home.

Take a look at our online store to find the perfect type of ceiling tile for your needs. Purchasing melt away ceiling tile is fun and easy and you will see the package arrive at your doorstep within a few short days and you can begin your remodel project.




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