Our Mission is to provide our Customers, our most valuable asset, with a new and more decorative look to their ceilings and home. When Decorating or Remodeling don’t forget the Ceiling. Its never been a better time for you decorate your home or office with ceiling tiles at affordable an price and far more reasonable than Tin Ceiling prices.

Why settle for dull plain ceilings, such regular popcorn ceilings when you can have a beautiful looking ceiling is no time. Install our 20″ x 20″ Ceiling Tiles over existing Pop Corn yourself, just glue to a stable secure surface or hire your local handy person or contractor. Install 24″ x 24″ PVC Ceiling Tiles with overlapping edges over a clean smooth surface using contact cement. We have professional installers, in some areas, who are experienced in gluing with Ceramic Tile Adhesive a/k/a Mastic the ceiling tiles on most any secure flat surface. Ceiling tiles are a must for designing your home/office or just re-modeling!

Popcorn is not a problem! You can install ceiling tiles directly onto existing popcorn ceiling! So why settle for anything less than ceiling tiles and and make your home look like the home of your dreams!

For Great economical ideas please visit our online store and discover the imagination is the only limitation.

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