New Ceiling Tiles For November

We have two new tiles for November to highlight.  Both are pvc 24×24 tiles that will drop into a 2×2 grid ceiling system or can be glued into place.  If you have and old ceiling with popcorn texture, cracks, ,stains or other problems then these easy to install ceiling tiles could be the solution for your remodel.  They don’t require a professional for install which will save you even more time and money over hiring a contractor to do the job.

PVC Antique Copper Design #150

150-antique-copper The 150 Design is a great faux antique copper that resembles many of the old tin copper ceilings.  Our pvc ceiling tile is much more affordable and easier to work with and install as well as giving the same overall look and feel to the room.  Many  are unable to tell them apart without very close inspection to determine that is actually pvc rather than a tin product.



PVC Antique Gold Design #302
This new 302 design ceiling tile is in antique gold Venetian style and works great for both drop in ceilings or can be glued up.  The overlapping edges allow for either types of installation and when glued they can be installed over many different existing surfaces.  No need to remove the old ceiling texture or smooth out, just glue the new tiles over the top and you are done.