Paintable Ceiling Tiles

A personal preference when renovating a home may be paintable ceiling tiles. Paintable ceiling tiles give the option of variety and creativity to the individual redecorating or restoring his or her home (including garage, patio, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and basement), office, work space, or any space imaginable. Paintable ceiling tiles are a practical and realistic option worth looking into when you are on a tight budget, but would like to restore a space and make it look creative, unique, and beautiful.

Paintable Ceiling Tiles
Our Styrofoam and PVC ceiling tiles allow you to easily glue them up to a secure flat surface without the need to scrape off popcorn. Now you can cover minor water damage, stains, or other small imperfections and give your space a more cozy traditional look, or use your imagination to create something more sleek and modern. You can also choose to go with acoustical ceiling tiles for a suspended ceiling or drop in grid system.

Possibilities of Paintable Ceiling Tiles

Our ceiling tiles can be painted with any water based paint which can be purchased from your local hardware or paint store. You can choose any pattern of your preference and paint it in colors such as antique copper or antique silver to get the full effect of a real tin looking ceiling tile, or even paint it to look like a faux print. The possibilities are endless and the project of painting ceiling tiles is one that is practical, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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