Easy Popcorn Ceiling Removal Alternative No Mess

POPCORN CEILING REMOVAL MADE REALLY EASY AND WITH NO MESS  NOR DO YOU RUN THE RISK OF EXPOSING ASBESTOS WHEN TRYING TO REMOVE THAT UGLY POPCORN CEILING!  There it is. That old school, rough looking popcorn ceiling that was popular some time ago. Whether you have just moved in to your new home or it’s time for the remodel, you have realized it’s time to get rid of the popcorn ceiling! Now, getting rid of that popcorn ceiling can be a lot of work. Most don’t realize that there is a popcorn ceiling removal alternative!

No matter the work that needs to be put in to the project, there is definitely a popcorn ceiling  removal alternative. There are many ways to remove popcorn ceiling with the most common being sanding it down or just tearing down the ceiling completely. Both of these two options require a lot of time, effort and expenses. The alternative is a Styrofoam ceiling tile that can be glued directly on top of the existing popcorn ceiling!  There are many options and we have an expansive ceiling tiles gallery.



Styrofoam Ceiling Tile




Decorative Ceiling Tile

Painted Styrofoam Ceiling Tile

The rough texture allows the Styrofoam to be placed and glued and will hold its bond for years to come. This is a simple and cost friendly popcorn ceiling removal alternative. Many have viewed the task of getting rid of that popcorn ceiling as too daunting. Whether it is the labor, cost, mess, stress or time, that project can be overwhelming. With Styrofoam ceiling tiles that are affordable and easy to use, getting rid of that old popcorn ceiling can be easy and fun. Not to mention, you will find the Styrofoam options visually appealing and extremely affordable.

Silver AccentsNow that you have made the decision to get rid of that old popcorn ceiling, know that there is a popcorn ceiling removal tentative: Styrofoam ceiling tiles! The benefits of this option are endless. Easy to install, cost effective, visually appealing, low labor efforts and more. Reduce the stress of a giant project that you may not be happy with in the end and check out the Styrofoam ceiling tile options that are available to you in our online store.


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White Ceiling Tile Styrofoam