Our Easy Glue Up 24″ x48″ Dimensions Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles are clearer and crisper detail than stamp metal.  Our panels edges overlap with no visible seam. Inexpensively paint to match changing décor.

Wall And Ceiling Panels


AA320 Faux BRASS 24″x48″


AA207 Faux Aged Copper 24″x48″


AA 321 White Matte 24″x 48″ Plastic Tile Wall and Ceiling Panels


AA320 White Matte 24″x48″ Plastic Tiles for Kitchen and Restaurant


AA309 White Matte 24″x48″


AA209 White Matte 24″x48″ Tile. Plastic Ceiling and Wall Panneling


AA207 White Matte 24″x48″ TILES.


AA321 Faux Copper 24″x48″ Plastic Tile, Designer Wall Panel for less


Faux Copper Glue Up Ceiling Tiles Design AA309 23’x48′


AA209 Faux Aged Copper 24″x48″ Tiles. Metal Ceiling Look for less.


AA204 White Matte 24″x48″ Wall and Ceiling Tile.


AA204 Faux Black 24″x48″ Plastic Wall and Ceiling


Ceiling Tiles Glue Up 24-inch x 48-inch.

Our Glue Up Dimensions Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles replicate the look of real tin with overlapping edge with many benefits. Can be used as wall panels with overlapping edges for seamless appearance. Because of this, avoid the additional cost and labor by having to cover the seams with trim strips. Much easier installation just measure and cut with scissors glue up. The cost of our ceiling panels is much less when compared with metal tin or aluminum panels. This is particularly true when compared to painted metal ceiling tiles. Even better our panels are much safer to handle than real thin metal tiles. When handling thin metal tiles, it is very easy to get cut and sometimes seriously cut. Our Wall Panels or Ceiling Tiles are made of durable 0.020 thick styrene.

This product will not rust, tarnish, stain, and will not be affected by water or humidity issues. Our panels are easily installed over nearly any flat surface.  Can be installed by gluing up to drywall or sheetrock.  Most any surface as long as the surface is clean, dry and preferably a painted surface. With textured ceilings we recommend a fresh coat of primer to allow the glue to have better adhesion. We recommend using Loctite all-purpose construction adhesive in the color of white available at your local hardware.

Our Ceiling Panels look like real metal ceiling tiles and much easier and safer to install. A great weekend Do It Yourself project for the average person. Can be installed over existing popcorn ceiling or knock down ceiling. No messy removal of popcorn just make sure surface is clean, dry and secure.

Our Ceiling Tiles are USDA Approved, lightweight and easily repaint to match your changing décor. Once installed, it is nearly impossible to tell they are not real metal tiles.