ACACIA Decorative Ceiling Tile R 14


Affordable Cheap Hand painted Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles R-01 Black Silver Glue Up


Amber R-47 CANADA


Ashton R-29 Foam Tile


Bead Board R-104 Styrofoam


C-14 STYROFOAM in stock 10 Tiles only!


C-16 Polystyrene in Stock 4 tiles ONLY!


C-19 Modern style.


C-28 in stock 5 tiles only.


Ceiling Tile Modern Style C 4 Interlock


Ceiling Tile R-08 Glue Over Existing Secure Popcorn


Copper Look Ceiling Tiles R 02 Copper Foam 20×20


Decor R-43 DAZZY


Decor Tin Silver Polystyrine R 02 Ceiling Tile Glue over Popcorn


Decorative 20×20 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Marseille Copper R-20


Decorative Foam Ceiling Tile R-28 Italian Black PILLOW


Decorative Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles R-2 faux looking discount


Easy Popcorn Ceiling Removal No need to Remove that ugly popcorn Install over existing Pop Corn Ceiling R37


Faux Black Silver R-07 FOAM Insulation 20″x20″x 1/8″


Faux Antique Copper R 02 Ceiling Tiles 20×20 Hand Painted