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 Decorative Plastic Ceiling Tiles, 24” x 24” creates a Great Do it your self project or a new or addition to an existing business. Tiles with overlapping edges can be glued to any Hard & Plain Surface with DAP Original Gel or Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive. Tiles for Grids, Drop or Suspended Ceilings will drop in the Grid. Tiles can be glued to existing Ceiling Tiles (If using Overlapping Edge Tiles) trim the Overlapping edges and insert into the grid. They can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes.

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Create a beautiful ceiling in a very economical manner with decorative plastic vinyl ceiling tiles from Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc. Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles have been available in the market for many years.

This concept creates a “Great Do it Yourself” project or a new or addition to an existing business. They are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets, dimensionally embossed to create three dimensions (3D) effect, and the greater artwork is created with various colors & effects, some are hand painted so color variations exist.  The combination of the above process and Artwork results in an extraordinary and incomparable outlook and appearance with various colors and effect. The PVC (Plastic Ceiling Tiles) are available in the size of 24”x 24” & now in 24” x48”   They are Class A Fire Rated and can  be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc. Their quality and economical value are exceptional!

Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles are available for Grid Suspended, Drop In or Glue up to most clean smooth surfaces with overlapping edges. Our Beautiful Decorative Ceiling Tiles are available in the size of 24”x 24” & now in 24” x 48” and are available in 40+ beautiful designs in any almost any color shade or combination of 2 or more colors is also available. You may enjoy wood-like effects that resemble real wooden grains, Metallic Colors such as Copper, Antique Copper, Silver, Antique Silver, Brass, Antique Brass or Pearl or Cream Pearl all of which create stylish and unrivaled beauty.

The advantages of the Decorative Ceiling System, in 24” x 24” & 24” x48” with Overlapping Edges provides you with an extra and unique edge for your decoration due to multiple designs available in all colors. but first define the intended use and compute the number of Ceiling Tiles Needed by the actual dimensions of the space you are working with and add at minimum an overage of 10% or preferably 15% just in case of unexpected events

It is suggested for your project you add an additional 10 to 15% as waste error overage. Example for a room with dimensions of 10 feet x 10 feet there exist 100 square feet of ceiling adding 15% makes 115 Square feet divide by 4 for 24 inch x 24 inch Ceiling Tile equals 4 Square Feet  equals 28.75 rounded up to 29 as the recommended tiles needed. For 24” x 48”  use the  same formula but divide by 8 SF for each 2×4 tile.

Product Information:

Material: Rigid PVC.
Size: 2’ x 2’ (foot) (4 Square feet)

Size: 2’ x 4’ (foot) (8 Square Feet
Thickness: 0.35 mm Glue Up

Thickness: 0.50 MM & 0.70MM Grid & Glue Up (Some are Custom Order)
Designs: 40
Color: Any Plain Color Shade.
Effects: Wooden Grains effects, Metallic, Pearl, Velvet etc.

All Designs are available in all colors

Long Lasting & Durable

Widest range of design & colors to choose from
Partly Replaceable if one tile damaged needs replacement, order extra tiles

Color-able (Any good quality paint)
No Fungus & Termite Effect
Convenient Size 2’ x 2’
Washable (with mild detergent)
Lightweight Dust-proof
Dimensionally stable
Easy, Quick & Inexpensive to fix Non-flammable
Anti-static (will not create static electricity, as other plastic does)
Ideal for any Ceiling in any weather condition

Can be applied with adhesive most hard smooth clean surface such as plywood, drywall, and plaster. Recommend Adhesive Contact Cement, Contact Cement Gel,

Apply to Ceiling or Wall

PVC Ceiling Tiles can be cut trimmed with scissors or box cutter for required fitting size.

Mostly used in commercial or residential projects where the expensive 3 dimensional metal look is desired but the budget for real metal is not there.

These Beautiful PVC Ceiling tiles are available in 40+ Beautiful designs, almost in any color shade or combination of 2 or more colors available. We can even provide Custom Colors and Custom Designs and such Custom Request requires a separate pricing and time quotation on the specifics involved.

The color effect like Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper, Antique Copper Antique Copper, Antique Silver & Antique Gold etc.), Pearl shine etc. make the Ceiling Tiles very stylish and aesthetic. In many instances these Ceiling Tiles are hand painted and each order lot may vary in actual color so please plan ahead as it is far better to have a few extra left over tiles than to have not enough to complete your project.

Plastic Ceiling Tiles look like Real Tin and can look as great and many say better than real metal including Copper or Silver etc. The PVC Ceiling Tiles with overlapping edges can be fixed on any Hard & Plain Surface with any good quality rubber base adhesive, such as DAP Original Gel Contact Cement or as we prefer Loctite Power Grab All Construction Purpose Construction Adhesive. The reason for our preference is contact cement instantly adheres upon contact. Contact cement gel allows a little time, seconds only, to maneuver into desired final position. With Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive the installer has more time, estimated 15 to 20 seconds to align and maneuver into desired final position.

The PVC Ceiling Tiles designed for installation to a clean smooth surface with overlapping edges can also be used for Grids, Drop or Suspended Ceilings will drop in the Grid. All PVC Ceiling Tiles can be glued to existing Acoustical Ceiling Tiles (If using Overlapping Edge Tiles), trim the approximately  ¼” Overlapping edges and insert into the grid. They can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc., and they are very economical & having the best quality. All of our faux tin PVC glue up tiles are available in a 2 foot X 2 foot size.

This is a standard size of design and customer should exercise caution to be aware of their intended use of the product. As an example the PVC Ceiling Tiles designed to glue to a clean smooth surface are from edge to edge approximately 24.5 Inches x 24.5 inches. This allows the tile to be glued up with an overlapping edge of approximately ¼ inch. When these overlapping edge tiles are used for a Drop In Grid or Suspended application the actual design is 24 inches by 24 inches. In reality that again is a standard measurement in that the Standard Grid Ceiling System in the United States is designed to accommodate the actual Grid Size of approximately 23 ¾ Inches x 23 ¾ Inches.


Our PVC Ceiling Tiles are Fire Rated to meet the following:

The Decorative Ceiling Tiles are Class A Fire Rated —tested with test standard

ASTM E84-08. Test Method Published Under Following Designations:

UL 723,


NFPA225, UBC 8-1 (42-1)

    Test Results:

     Flame Spread Index : 15     Smoke Developed Index : 120    Fire Properties Tested By : Intertek Testing Services Inc. USA INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR GRID SUSPENDED DROP IN CEILINGS:

1)      Designated Grid Ceiling Tiles sized for Grid Ceiling it is recommend keep & use existing acoustical ceiling tile as our Decorative Ceiling Tile in Grid Size can easily be inserted beneath existing acoustical tile in existing grid. We suggest if painting grid paint before installation. This method of installation provide greater support, noise absorption & fire rated protection.

2)      Designated Grid Ceiling Tile for Grid Ceiling Installation just insert in Grid Ceiling System.

3)      The Ceiling Tile not designated for Grid Size but designated for glue up with overlapping edges can be used for Grid Installation in the following manner. In this scenario these tiles due to design will sag when installed in a grid & the design is 24” x 24” like Grid Tiles. But with an additional approximately ¼” edge. This tile can be used for a Grid Installation by glue to existing acoustical ceiling tile, use a sharp box cutter to trim the approximately ¼” overlapping edge to match the existing acoustical ceiling tile & now the tile can be inserted to fit in the Grid Ceiling System.


Just follow these 4 simple steps to install our 24” x 24” Overlapping Edge Decorative Ceiling System to most any clean hard smooth surface. It is really quick and easy.

1)         Prepare the Surface Ceiling tiles and Plan & Test Installation:

The PVC Ceiling Tiles can be installed on any hard plain smooth clean surface. In fact some customers have installed over existing Popcorn Ceiling.

Install by locating center of the room or installation surface or Draw an angle and draw straight lines in the corner (in width and length part) and make a 90 degree angle, fort he starting point of pasting

A Clean Surface is necessary so be sure to wipe off the ceiling or other surface you are installing the tiles over and make it smooth and even. Remove loose plaster, paint, wall paper, and any oily residue etc. Draw a chalk line in the middle of the room (preferably through the light fixture electrical box). Select preferred adhesive, tape measure, straight edge, scissors, and box cutter, cleaning cloth or moist sponge

We recommend that all customers always test the application and allow it to rest at least 24 hours to evaluate the process and results to make an informed decision as whether the application is right for your particular scenario.

2)         Apply the adhesive:

Apply any good quality urethane or rubber based adhesive only on the edges and raised portions of the PVC Ceiling Tile we recommend Contact Cement Gel by DAP Weldwood Original Formula or Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive to the back of the tile. If using Contact Cement we suggest you let it dry until adhesive solvents evaporate. Please check the drying time on the pack of the adhesive, usually it is anywhere between 2-5 minutes. Applying the adhesive on the ceiling also will improve bonding and strength. Approximately, 1 gallon of adhesive will be enough to cover 75 tiles or 300 square feet when used on both, the tiles and the ceiling.



3)         Place & Press:

Place the sheet in the required position (first sheet at the 90 degree point if that is your desired installation method) and press firmly but gently. Overlap the edges with the previous sheet and press firmly with fingertips using gentle pressure. After completing first straight row work your way to the sides. Exercise caution not to get adhesive on fingers or onto the ceiling tiles.

4)         SPECIAL NOTICE:

The use of Contact Cement adhesive can easily get on the fingers and then on the ceiling tiles. These smudges of adhesive can be difficult to clean and the solvent used to clean can distort the Paint Color of Ceiling Tile when it comes in contact.


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