Design 234 Ontario Antique Gold PVC 2 x 2



Decorative Plastic Ceiling Tiles,Drop In & Glue Up 24” x 24” creates a Great Do it your self project or a new or addition to an existing business.   

Tiles with overlapping edges can be glued to any Hard & Plain Surface with DAP Original Gel or Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive. Tiles for Grids, Drop or Suspended Ceilings will drop in the Grid. Tiles can be glued to existing Ceiling Tiles (If using Overlapping Edge Tiles) trim the Overlapping edges and insert into the grid. They can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes.



Depth of the Design 0.59″
Pattern Size 23.03″
Tile Thickness 0.020″
Rust & Water Resistant
Fire Rated “A”
Easy to Drop in GRID
Easy to Glue Up with Overlapping Edges
Easy to Cut with Regular Scissors


We are Ceiling Tiles by Us!

Create a beautiful ceiling in a very economical manner with beautiful PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) decorative ceiling tiles from ceiling tiles by us.  Our plastic ceiling tiles have been available in the market for many years.

This concept creates a great “Do it yourself” project or, a new look to an existing business. They are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets and, dimensionally embossed to create a 3D effect. Moreover, our plastic ceiling tiles are created with various colors effects, which some are hand painted so deeper color variations exist.  The combination of the above process and Artwork results in an extraordinary and incomparable outlook and appearance with various colors and effects. They can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc. Their quality and economical value are exceptional!

The PVC systems are available in the size of 24”x 24” and are available in 40+ beautiful designs in any almost any color shade.  A combination of 2 or more colors is also available. You may enjoy wood-like effects that resemble real wooden grains, Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper, Pearl Shine etc.) all of which create stylish and unrivaled beauty.

Advantages of the Decorative Ceiling System with Overlapping Edges:

  • Provides you with an extra and unique edge for your decoration.
  • Multiple designs available in all colors.
  • Define the intended use and compute the number of Ceiling Tiles Needed by the actual dimensions of the space you are working with.

It is suggested for your project you add an additional 10 to 15% as waste error overage. Example for a room with dimensions of 10 feet x 10 feet there exist 100 square feet of ceiling adding 15% makes 115 Square feet divide by 4 as each 24 inch x 24 inch PVC Ceiling Tile equals 4 Square Feet  equals 28.75 rounded up to 29 as the recommended tiles needed.

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