FLUER-DE-LIS W DASH Ceiling Tile 2 x 4 Pattern 12×12




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CREATE A BEAUTIFUL CEILING IN A VERY ECONOMICAL MANNER This classic Tile 2′ x 4′ repeating pattern 12″ x 12″ contemporary is available in over 100 dazzling finishes. Lay-in panels are specially sized to fit into any standard 15/16” suspended grid system. Simply drop the panel into an existing or new grid to create a truly dramatic ceiling effect. Matching grid strips and cuffs are available in any Ceilingtilesbyus.Inc. finish. ALUMINUM… WILL NEVER RUST! NO SHARP EDGES SIZED FOR ONE PERSON INSTALL

Tinplate efficiently combines the strength of steel with tin’s luster, corrosion resistance and low toxicity. Most Tin Ceiling Tiles are tin-plated meaning they are made from sheet metal, thin coated with tin and in all likely hood will require painting. Another type of Metal Ceiling Tiles are those made from Unfinished Aluminum. Ceiling Tiles made of Aluminum   (unlike raw tin-plated steel ceiling tiles) will not rust. Steel will rust even if coated with tin plating whereas Aluminum will never rust. As with any unfinished Metal Ceiling Tiles they require painting. There are many Metallic Paints on the market and to purchase these beautiful Metallic Paints in for example Copper or Silver is very expensive and cost around $150.00 per gallon of paint.

At Ceiling Tiles By Us we carry a wide range Ceiling Tiles made of Solid Copper, Aluminum, Tin Plated Steel & Plastic.  All vary in price & all can create a Beautiful Ceiling Panel or Wall Panel. All Ceiling Tile Panels and Wall Panels are manufactured using a proprietary process, each individual piece is inspected in order to insure high definition of detail to the pattern.
Installation of our Aluminum & Solid Copper Metal Ceiling Tiles are designed for two types of Installation: nail-up to a wood substrate and lay-in to any standard suspension ceiling grid. The preferred wood substrate for nail-up application is minimum 3/8” plywood.
  The Ceiling Tile Panels will drop into any standard commercial 15/16” or 9/16” T-Bar Suspension Grid, consisting of a prepunched roll-formed steel exposed flange surface. Main runners and cross runners shall be installed to form 2 foot x 4 foot square openings. The Standard Grid Suspended Ceiling System shall be hung flat and level, suspended by 12-gauge pre-straight steel wire @ 4’ O.C. With Solid Copper Ceiling Tile Panels it is recommended that installers wear cotton gloves to prevent depositing oils on the panels during installation. Ceiling Tile Panel Specifications are for Copper Ceiling Tile Panels are available as a nominal nail up size of 24-3/8” x 248-3/8” x 0.116” thickness and weighing 3.95 pounds per panel or as a nominal lay in size 23-7/8” x 4-7/8” x 0.016 weighing 3.01 pounds per panel. Ceiling Tile Panel Specification for aluminum Ceiling Tile Panels are available as a nominal nail-up size 24-3/8” x 24-3/8” x 0,016” thick weighing 2.5 pounds or as a nominal lay in size 23-7/8” x 48-7/8” x 0.016 thick and weighing 2.5 pounds per Ceiling Tile Panel.
Colors are shown for reference only, and may vary due to printing and dye lot subtleties as well as Lighting when pictures are taken, Camera Variations as well as Internet affect in varying to some extent that the actual product may be at some minimal degree in color variations.
Premium and Artisan finishes provide a beautiful custom look; however, the color may vary in appearance based on your selected pattern and may differ from panel to panel.


Mill finish tin ceiling tiles from Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc provides a raw aluminum finish for that tin ceiling artist in you! Use your Mill tin ceiling panels in an room of the house without worry of heat or humidity, as raw aluminum tin ceiling panels (unlike raw tin-plated steel products)will not rust. Mill tin ceiling panels from Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc come with standard, straight from the tin ceiling manufacture feel, and must be painted with any direct to metal paint. Mill tin ceiling tiles will oxidize after time, and care should be taken to avoid this if the oxidized look is not what you are going after. To view all amazing finishes.


Authentic tin ceilings of yesteryear were made from tin-plated steel. Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc. offers tin-plated panels just like the originals. These panels provide tremendous value and are lower in cost than Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc aluminum and solid copper panels. However, tin-plated steel, like the original, could rust over time if exposed to water and/or humid conditions.  Tin-plated steel panels also have sharp edges so it is recommended that installers wear protective gloves when handling.


Traditional finish of White and Clear Coated tin ceiling tile finishes allow tin ceiling panels to be installed without painting. The Clear Coated tin ceiling finish provides a shiny metallic look that will last for years. The White tin ceiling tile finish provides a clean, crisp (matte) appearance that can be used as is, or as a primer base ready for top coating with any latex paint. Mill finishes tin ceiling tiles (in aluminum) and tin-plated metal ceiling tiles, while economical, require a coating before or after installation. View a list of all our available tin ceiling panel finishes.

 The Specialty Tin Ceiling finishes are definitely beyond the ordinary. They range from classic metallic finishes such as Polished Brass tin ceiling tiles and Copper tin ceiling panels to the subtly mottled and hugely popular look of Leather and Burnt Mahogany. All Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc Tin Ceiling Tile Specialty colors are rich, deep, and vibrant; and provide consistent coloration from tin ceiling panel to tin ceiling panel. Specialty finish Tin Ceiling tiles do not require additional coating prior to, or following installation. View a list of all our available tin ceiling finishes.


The Premium Tin Ceiling finishes from Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc Tin Ceilings are created using a proprietary process that results in a dramatic two-toned or variegated finish. Each Premium tin ceiling panel finish provides an almost hand-applied look that uniquely enhances each embossed tin ceiling pattern. Premium tin ceiling tile finishes do not require additional coating prior to, or following installation. To assure the look is just right for you, Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc Tin Ceilings recommends that you order a full-size Premium Tin Ceiling Panel sample prior to placing a full order. View a list of all our available tin ceiling tile finishes.


Solid copper panels provide an expensive, sophisticated look to any room where they are installed.  Since these panels are shipped without a coating, these panels will age over time taking on the rich patina of aged copper. The aging process happens slowly and it can be stopped at any time during the process. Once the copper has attained the desired look and appearance, applying a clear lacquer or latex topcoat will stop the aging process. This topcoat can be purchased at any local or national paint retailer. When handling a solid copper panel it is recommended that installers wear soft cotton gloves so as not to mar the finish with oil deposits during the installation process.

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