Metal Classic 1220 DECO Tile 2×2 Pattern 12″

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CREATE A BEAUTIFUL CEILING IN A VERY ECONOMICAL MANNER This classic 12″ repeating pattern is available in over 100 dazzling finishes. Lay-in panels are specially sized to fit into any standard 15/16” suspended grid system. Simply drop the panel into an existing or new grid to create a truly dramatic ceiling effect. Matching grid strips and cuffs are available in any Ceilingtilesbyus.Inc. finish. METAL  NO SHARP EDGES SIZED FOR ONE PERSON INSTALL
Tinplate efficiently combines the strength of steel with tin’s luster, corrosion resistance and low toxicity. Most Tin Ceiling Tiles are tin-plated meaning they are made from sheet metal, thin coated with tin and in all likely hood will require painting. Another type of Metal Ceiling Tiles are those made from Unfinished Metal. Ceiling Tiles made of Metal   (unlike raw tin-plated steel ceiling tiles) will not rust. Steel will rust even if coated with tin plating whereas the Metal will never rust. As with any unfinished Metal Ceiling Tiles they require painting. There are many Metallic Paints on the market and to purchase these beautiful Metallic Paints in for example Copper or Silver is very expensive and cost around $150.00 per gallon of paint.

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