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Back Splash Glue Up Ideas Antique Copper WC 30


Decorative Kitchen Backsplash

This backsplash is made of Faux Antique Copper and has the following dimensions:

  • WC: 20
  • Width: 2ft
  • Length: 25 ft
  • Available in 50 ft. Rolls.

If you have a cooking space consisting of metallic components, then you should consider this product. It blends right in as it comes in various colors to give you an appealing look. You can apply the backsplash on more than kitchen cabinets. It has a great fit with wall coverings and panels. The advantages of this faux copper material over other materials include its easy adjustment and temperature resistance. It is also easy to paste and very affordable than other materials in its category. This material is easy to maintain as it doesn’t accommodate stains or prints. Your home pillars, toilet, and countertops could also benefit from this backsplash due to its versatility and great fit. You can install the product yourself through some easy steps, or you can call a professional for help. Either way, you need to choose the best color for your cooking space. Before pasting the whole length on your wall, you can cut out a small piece and test if it fits well. Get a good glue, and you’re good to go.

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Back Splash Glue Up A Perfect Remodeling Idea

Back Splash Glue Up great for having the right gadget is an essential part of building an appealing cooking space, but this is not enough. You must have a perfect colour scheme, cabinet, and backsplash. The reason is that a great backsplash like this could define what your cooking space would look like. Usually, many people find it difficult to pick out a well-fitted design for their cooking space. However, a copper made backsplash could be the right place to start from. 

In some cases, several customers intend to design and redecorate their properties for sale. One major selling point is the cooking space, wall finish, and cabinet types. You can leave your intending buyers in awe of your property after inspection with this product. Apart from the fact that it has been tested and used by millions of clients worldwide, this product also stands out as it brings the best out of your surfaces. The manufacturers did not compromise the product’s safety for aesthetics; rather, be prepared to be impressed as soon as you walk in a place with these backsplashes.

Design Back Splash Glue Up Ideas Antique Copper

The product has a standard of length and width of 25 and 2 feet respectively. It also comes in rolls, and you can buy any size that fits your demand. The also edges its counterparts in aesthetics as it comes in multiple colour and style combinations. The backsplash is produced from faux copper and top-notch polyvinyl chloride. As such, they are, in comparison, better than metals and other materials in look and longevity. If unique looks and great artwork are your things, be our guest as the product has it all.

In addition to its superior properties, this product obeys standard safety rules and does not predispose users to falls, cuts, or accidental injuries. We regard user safety as a top priority. Furthermore, we included a manual in the product packaging for easy installation. This way, you will be able to install the product yourself without any hassle. You will need good construction glue for the process. Usually, the installation takes less than a day, especially if the area in question is not large and follows the instructions. Overall, you have an affordable yet durable product that can stay on most surfaces.

How to install Back Splash Glue Up

This product has garnered lots of attention from users worldwide, and as such, there are many tutorial videos on how to install it. You can check one of them before you proceed. The first thing you must do is to buy the right size. After that, measure the surface twice or more times before you fix the product. You can make a drawing of the surface to get the right dimensions. You can even measure multiple times so that you will cut once and accurately. The manufacturers guarantee users the longevity of the product as the material is built to last. The material is also resistant to extreme conditions and temperature. To maintain, you can wash or wipe with a cloth. However, do not put the product near extreme heat. 


  • Open the package
  • Roll the sheets out. You can let it go itself or place a heavy object on it as you unfold.
  • Cut out the desired size with scissors after several measurements.
  • Paste the piece on the desired surface.

Back Splash Glue Up Follow these steps for your desired surface successfully.

  • Get an adhesive from a construction shop or local hardware.
  • You can use glue or strong gel.
  • Read the manual and digest the content.
  • Put some adhesive on the desired area.
  • Put some glue on the product’s surface.
  • Wait till the surface is almost dry.
  • Paste the product on the area
  • Smoothen it to remove any bubble or air trap.
  • You can do a small test sample before going full scale.
  • Smoothen the edge with a block of wood, brick, or anything that has a flat edge.

As soon as the edges  are smooth and there’s no bubble under the surface, you’re through with the installation. Several clients find the installation process easy and the look appealing.  In essence, giving your kitchen cabinets and interior, a great look could make all the difference when you enter the space. Everyone likes good scenery as they prepare their favorite coffee in the morning or roast their chicken during lunch. A great back splash glue up such as the product under review is a good place to start your journey from. This is because it would be best to try something appealing and at the same time, durable and resilient. As such, they offer much more than aesthetic upliftment to your cooking space. All this at a relatively affordable price when compared to other products.

For Installation you will need the following tools and materials for the job:

  • Adhesive suggested regular liquid contact cement or contact cement gel.
  • Adhesive suggested Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive in tube
  • Foam paint roller or paintbrush or putty knife
  • Tray for the liquid adhesive.
  • Caulking Gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors or Box Cutter or Craft Knife Exacto/Hobby knife
  • Pencil

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Bar Counter Installation WC-10 Antique Copper Back Splash

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