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WC-15 Fish Shell Antique Silver Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash


Fish Shell Antique Silver Backsplash

Aside from your kitchen, other rooms in your home can get an amazing touch up as well! Your bathroom is another vital part of your home, and there are certain decorative activities you can perform to get into an attractive shape.  You can stylize your bathroom and unleash its amazement-effect on your visitors and family when you use this impressive WC-15 Fish Shell backsplash. 

This WC-15 BackSplash with a fish shell design is a fantastic material for beautifying your bathrooms. Why? Well, the answer is simple! Backsplashes provide your bathrooms with the glamor they need. When speaking of backsplashes in general, there are various types of backsplashes with unique design patterns and durability. However, when you purchase and use the WC-15 backsplash with fish shell design, you should expect the best outcome in terms of beauty, class, aesthetics, and amazement. It is not only great for your home bathrooms but also your restaurant and public restrooms.

The WC-15 Backsplash is excellent for a do it yourself project and can improve your customer’s and guest’s view of your growing business. It is only imperative that you desire excellent outcomes from your bathroom; hence, it should be given the best touches to ensure that it beats every expectation. The result of a properly placed faux fish shell backsplash cannot be underemphasized, as it is one of the best and most exquisite sight attractions any home should grace its visitors with!

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Fish Shell Back Splash Antique Silver Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash

Fish Shell Back Splash is for you if you love the aquatic habitat as much as you love great interior designs? Would you like to improve your bathroom’s appearance? Do you enjoy surrounding yourself with items that remind you of aquatic life? Does your bathroom need one or two touch-ups? Would you like your home to have a piece of these designs? Then you need to get the WC-15 Backsplash with fish shell design. 

Your choice of furniture and artistic taste tends to leave a mark on your guests and their craving for the elegant things of life. However, many homeowners are ignorant of this fact, but there are various methods of improving your home, making it a palace without simple decorative materials with antiquated designs. That said, it is only imperative that you know that the effect the backsplash has on your guests would be more effective than that of tiles that can damage within a short period.  

The WC-15 Backsplash is a fantastic piece with a fish scale design that gives you an aquatic-like sensation. Its texture feels like that of fish scales and is excellent for whatever color designs you give your bathroom. Although it is available in various colors and sizes, the silver-colored WC-15 Backsplash is excellent for your bathroom due to its bright color and rich design. It is a perfect fir for whatever layout you have in your bathroom and fits well. 

With a backsplash, you get a basic interior design orientation and the experience of glamor in your bathroom. Aside from the features mentioned earlier, there are several other features that you will enjoy. First, backsplashes boast of a high work-to-enjoyment ratio, which allows you to enjoy the effects of the backsplash long after you have installed it.

Aside from that, you don’t need any previous expertise in installing a backsplash. A simple wall covering backsplash installation can be done within a few hours of you purchasing a roll. Backsplashes are also easy to clean and resist stain. Backsplashes are an ideal decoration material to bring your bathroom to life without making any serious effort.

Finally, having a backsplash in your home allows you to cut costs and save yourself from the hassle that comes with repairing your walls. You can save more money and use it on other essential needs you have in your home, office, restaurant, or business site. Without wasting much time, let us speak on some of the beneficial features that the WC-15 Wall covering backsplash will have on your bathroom. 

Features of the WC-15 Fish Shell Back Splash Antique Silver

As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds, designs, and textures of backsplashes, especially when you want a piece that has a striking resemblance to something from the ancient periods. The WC-15 Fish Shell Design backsplash provides the kind of antique feeling and beauty you need. Here are some of its features.

  • Cost-efficient

All our backsplashes are cost-efficient. In simpler words, you get what you paid for! Also, it allows you to cut costs that would have been generated from wall repairs and bathroom wall damages. 

  • Compatible with Most Bathroom Layouts

The WC-15 Fish Shell Backsplash is compatible with almost all types of bathroom layouts. Not only does it complement your bathroom design, but it also gives your bathroom a new and improved look. You could check various design ideas for installing this bathroom/kitchen backsplash, and it saves you the cost of mass renovating your bathroom. Also, you could try it out in your kitchen. You might just be amazed at the result!

  • Easy to Maintain

As mentioned earlier, this backsplash is easy to maintain. With its fantastic texture and structure, it doesn’t require much experience to maintain. All you have to do is wipe it clean each time it gets stained, and that’s all! 

  • Anti-rust

Unlike wall tiles and other materials used for covering bathroom walls, backsplashes don’t degrade. Although backsplash is made with metal alloys, it is tough for them to corrode or rust. This feature is due to the extra layer of coating that each backsplash receives after its original coating. The WC-15 Fish Shell Backsplash is available in several colors, but a single and effective silver coating that ensures it doesn’t rust and your bathroom/kitchen remains as beautiful as always. 

  • Great for Low-cost Renovations

The WC-15 Fish Shell backsplash is excellent for low-cost renovation, especially in bathrooms that don’t require much work. Its price is cost-effective, and it doesn’t require any expertise for its installation process. 

To Install Fish Shell Back Splash you will need the following tools and materials for the job:

  • Adhesive suggested regular liquid contact cement or contact cement gel.
  • Adhesive suggested Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive in tube
  • Foam paint roller or paintbrush or putty knife
  • Tray for the liquid adhesive.
  • Caulking Gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors or Box Cutter or Craft Knife Exacto/Hobby knife
  • Pencil

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