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Product Name60 x 72 Bi-fold – 30” x 72” x 1” — 2 Panels
Size30 x 72 x 1
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Product TypeBi-Fold

Returns will not be accepted unless previously authorized in writing. All returns must be shipped pre-paid freight in original packaging and must arrive in good condition. A minimum restocking/repackaging charge of 25% will be made on all returned merchandise.

All custom mirrors must be paid for in advance. Orders will not be processed until we receive a written purchase order and payment. Minimum custom order is $250.00. Special shapes: circles, triangles, trapezoids, etc., will be quoted separately. In some cases, special packaging charges may apply. Custom size mirrors cannot be returned.

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The Glass Less Mirror is “MADE IN THE USA” is a technological FOLDING MIRRORS GLASS LESS

60 X 72 BI-FOLD – 30” X 72” X 1” — 2 PANELS

 CTBU Bi-fold Mirrors consist of two smaller mirror panels joined together with a metal hinge. The bi-fold mirrors fold together face-to-face offering excellence protection when not in use. A Velcro strap holds the panels closed for storage and the folding handles make them convenient to transport. The bi-fold mirrors come with rubber feet to securely stand-up, without sliding on the floor. The velcro strap can also hold the mirror completely open if leaned against a wall or stands can be added from our Accessories Menu.

Folding mirrors are packaged in a box like a long suit case and can be shipped Next Day Air depending on the size. 


We can deliver via FedEx or through ABF trucking.


haracteristics of Glassless Mirrors virtually eliminate condensation and fogging and can be used in environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and enclosed swimming pools. Unique construction Glassless Mirror ceiling and wall panels consist of an ultra-clear metalized film stretched over a lightweight aluminum frame. This is the same film used for large optical mirrors. With conventional mirrors, the reflection is viewed through a thickness of glass or acrylic and its quality depends on the mirror’s flatness and thickness. The result is a “fun house” or “oil can” effect that distorts the image. Because the film is mounted on raised edges, an air space is created between the back of the film and the core. The air space, 1/8″, allows the film to flex under minor impact without damage

Due to Manufacturers mandates no returns without prior authorization number. Restocking fee of 25% applies. The Shipping & Handling cost to return is customers responsibility. Refunds will be granted if Manufacturer confirms a manufacturing defect.

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