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Frame less Mirror 120″ X 120″ X 1.4375″ THICK

Product Name MEGA Mirror 120” x 120” x 1.4375” thick
Size 120 x 120 x 1.4375
SKU Number  1589
Product Type MEGA


Returns will not be accepted unless previously authorized in writing. All returns must be shipped pre-paid freight in original packaging and must arrive in good condition. A minimum restocking/repackaging charge of 25% will be made on all returned merchandise.

All custom mirrors must be paid for in advance. Orders will not be processed until we receive a written purchase order and payment. Minimum custom order is $250.00. Special shapes: circles, triangles, trapezoids, etc., will be quoted separately. In some cases, special packaging charges may apply. Custom size mirrors cannot be returned.

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MEGA MIRROR 120” X 120” X 1.4375” THICK

MEGA Mirrors allow for theater sets with minimal seams and greatly reduce the labor associated with installing stage size backgrounds. Seamless imagery is critical for photography and video shoots, allowing for unique perspectives for the camera or audience. Entire rooms can be constructed with MEGA Mirrors for infinity effect of reflection within reflections. MEGA Mirrors are especially effective in dance studios, gyms and performance spaces.


We can deliver via FedEx or through ABF trucking.


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