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Hammered Antique Copper BackSplash PVC WC-40


Your kitchen is a significant section of your home and needs to be treated as such! The kitchen is responsible for most, if not all, the food you consume and needs to be compensated. That said, there are various methods through which you can ensure your kitchen is healthy and beautiful at the same time. One of these processes, as mentioned earlier, includes the use of backsplash such as the Hammered Antique BackSplash. 

The Hammered Antique BackSplash is a faux tin decorative plastic PVC-type kitchen decorating material that can be easily installed. As mentioned earlier, it is a plastic PVC kind of backsplash. Hence it can be installed by the homeowner with simple adhesives and other regular tools. The Kitchen backsplash is a great and affordable renovation idea that allows you to beautify and protect your kitchen wall and furniture simultaneously. 

You will also be amazed by the kind of attraction your kitchen would give when guests come to visit your home. Its antiquated style allows for a fresh touch and a fantastic design that cannot be found in any other type of backsplash. Most especially, restaurant owners will enjoy the feeling and attraction that comes with the design, texture, and artistic power of the Hammered Backsplash PVC WC-40. 

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Hammered Antique Copper BackSplash Design WC 40

Hammered Antique Copper Backsplash is a great design If you operate a commercial venture or have a kitchen that needs vital redecorating. There are more straightforward methods of performing this task. Many factors affect your walls and kitchen furniture’s conditioning, especially if you run a kitchen-based business. Your walls could get dampened quickly, thus, affecting the texture of your walls and contaminating the edible products in your kitchen. 

There are various methods through which you can decorate your commercial or private kitchen, and one of them involves backsplashes. Backsplashes are designed to fill gaps in your kitchen and bathroom; it is mostly used between the cabinets and kitchen counter-tops. One great thing about using backsplashes is that they provide a beautiful design and exceptional protection for your kitchen walls and counters. 

That said, we would like to introduce you to the Hammered Antique Copper Backsplash. This type of backsplash is, as its name implies, an antique style of backsplash design with an exquisite taste that would make your kitchen look and feel hardcore. If you are a restaurant owner, the hammer antique backsplash is a great decorative material for your kitchen walls, mainly if you operate an open kitchen. 

The hammer antique backsplash is one of a kind, and it is straightforward to install. Also, the Hammer Backsplash comes available in various sizes, as per your desired measurement. It is also thin and easy to cut with regular scissors, that said. There are other unique features that the Hammer antique backsplash graces your kitchen with, and they will be discussed in the section below. 

Design Ideas with the Hammered Antique Backsplash

Since you’re going to be using backsplashes for your kitchen, it is only proper to suggest some design ideas that you could use when installing your backsplashes. Although we will be adding some design ideas for your bathroom, these ideas help make your home as glamorous as possible. 

  • You could use a white hammered backsplash in a dark gray kitchen island with marble-like countertops. 
  • Use a shallow hammered backsplash apron paired with an oil-bronze hook and faucet sink at your kitchen window. 
  • Using a hammered backsplash in a white kitchen with an island accent. Use it on countertops or ceramic kitchen tables.
  • Using brown glass front cabinets fitted with glass knobs and fixed with metallic, white, brown, or gray hammered backsplash at the top of your kitchen cabinets or under the countertop. 

Features of the Hammered Antique BackSplash

As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds, designs, and textures of backsplashes, especially when you want a piece that has a striking resemblance to something from the ancient periods. The Hammered antique backsplash provides the kind of antique feeling and beauty you need. Here are some of its features. 

  • Anti-Rust features

Like other unique backsplashes on our website, the Hammered Copper backsplash is a fantastic material plated in copper. Copper is an anti-rust material; hence, it ensures that your backsplash is durable and shiny. 

  • Cost-efficient

All our backsplashes are cost-efficient. In simpler words, you get what you paid for! Also, it allows you to cut costs that would have been generated from wall repairs and kitchen damages. 

  • Great for Public Kitchens

If you own a kitchen that functions as an eatery or a restaurant, you might want to add the hammered backsplash to your list of design patterns. You’ll notice that it is a great and perfect match for your kitchen when you try it. 

  • Compatible with every Kitchen Design

If you check the design ideas we specified in the section above, you’ll notice that the Hammered antique backsplash is compatible with almost all kitchen designs. Hence, it saves you the cost of mass renovating your kitchen. 

  • DIY efficient

With the hammered copper backsplash, you get the opportunity to become a DIYer. In simpler words, not only is this backsplash easy to install, but also safe for installation. 

The Installation Process of the Hammered Copper BackSplash

The hammered antique copper backsplash is easy to install and would require you to follow the steps instructed by the manufacturer carefully. That said, please follow these instructions to install your backsplash easily. 

  1. Unroll the PVC and use weights to stop its rolling action. Then cut the PVC into your desired and measured lengths and shapes.
  2. Fit your cut-out piece into the place you plan on attaching it
  3. Now, chose an adhesive type that is most suitable for you. Apply the glue to the back of your hammered backsplash, then on the wall or surface area of your desired installation point (possibly under your countertop or above your cabinets).
  4. Allow the glue on the wall and back of the backsplash to become tacky and dry before you attach them.
  5. Attach the backsplash and allow it to stick correctly. Squeeze all air from behind the backsplash, and all is set

Done! Enjoy your backsplash and the fantastic effect it has on your guests, customers, and family.

You will need the following tools and materials for the job:

  • Adhesive suggested regular liquid contact cement or contact cement gel.
  • Adhesive suggested Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive in tube
  • Foam paint roller or paintbrush or putty knife
  • Tray for the liquid adhesive.
  • Caulking Gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors or Box Cutter or Craft Knife Exacto/Hobby knife
  • Pencil

Hammered Antique Copper BackSplash Hammered Antique Copper Backsplash Gallery Installed.

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