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Insulated Grid Concealed Ceiling Tiles Color All


INSULATED CEILING TILE PRODUCTS – being made from stone wool – are between 50 to 80% lighter than wet felted mineral fiber or gypsum ceiling tiles, weighing only 0.75lbs per square foot. Stone wool, the core material of our stone wool products, can withstand temperatures up to 2150 °F (1177 °C), giving this product Fire Class A. A higher score is better. A ceiling with an NRC of 1.00 absorbs all sound. A ceiling with a NRC of 0.00 absorbs no sound.Color-All tile has a NRC of 0.95.

Due to Size, Weight & Geographical Price Variance of this Product item, We Reserve the right to Quote the product price, shipping & handling to all geopraphical areas. Product Can Not Be Shipped Direct To Customer Location Without Prior Quotation & Agreement seperate of this website listing. Please call 888-612-7573 or e-mail request for quote to to obtain Product Price, Shipping & Handling Quotation.    



  • ITEM # 11100 2x2x5/8 Square Edge 112SF Per Ctn 28 Tiles per ctn Cost $239.99
  • ITEM # 11250 2×2/3/4 Tegular SL 40SF Per Ctn 10 Tiles per ctn Cost $139.99
  • ITEM 11600 2x2x7/8 CONCEALED GRID Cost Per Ctn $189.99


Available for Customer Pick Up in Most of the State of Florida. Due to Size & Weight Product Can Not Be Shipped Direct To Customer Location Without Prior Quotation & Agreement Separate of This Web Site Listing. Please Call 888-612-7573 or 800-349-5799 to Obtain Shipping & Handling Quotation.


CDX (Concealed-X)

With no visible grid, they provide a concealed appearance and can integrate service installations such as lighting, ventilation and smoke detectors. CDX ceiling tiles can be suspended or fixed directly to the soffit. They can be installed in framed islands or as a full wall-to-wall ceiling. The bevel between the tiles is smaller than the SLP edge for a more seamless appearance. All X edge tiles are demountable.

We fight waste wherever we can. Insulated Ceiling Tiles consist of up to 42% recycled content. The rest is made primarily of basalt rock – a material in essentially limitless supply. Ninety-five percent of our ceiling tile production waste is either recycled internally or sold to other industries as a raw material for use in their manufacturing processes.

Stone wool, the core material of our stone wool products, can withstand temperatures up to 2150 °F (1177 °C). It does not contribute to the development and spread of fire. It is made from basalt rock and is non-combustible. UL 723 (ASTM E84) / CAN / ULC S102 is a standard method of testing for Surface Burning Characteristics of particular building materials. The test is designed to determine the relative surface burning characteristics of materials under specific test conditions. Results are expressed in terms of Flame Spread Index (FSI) and Smoke Developed Index (SDI). Many commercial applications require a Flame Spread Index of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed Index of 50 or less. Products labelled “FHC 25/50” (Fire Hazard Classification 25/50) or “Class A” (ASTM E1264) fulfil these requirements. Stone wool ceiling panels in North America are UL listed and outperform the fire requirements for ceilings.

Stone wool ceiling tiles are made of water-repellent stone wool. Stone wool has no nutritional value and therefore it provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms like: Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), bacteria resistant to antibiotics and responsible for post-surgery infections and septicemias;                                                                                                                               Candida Albicans, yeast responsible for skin infections and pneumonias;   

Humidity can weaken the structure of certain ceiling materials and cause them to sag. In extreme cases they may even fall out of the grid.                                                 This will often happen in buildings under construction where the building is not hermetically sealed or materials have not dried out. Additionally, humidity levels are naturally high in wet rooms like kitchens and sanitary areas, and moisture problems can occur.

Insulated Ceiling Tiles, stone wool ceiling panels are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity. They can be installed at temperatures ranging from 32 °F to 104 °F. No acclimatization is necessary, and our Insulatd Ceiling Tiles, stone wool ceiling panels can be installed in the early stages of construction (when the windows are not fully sealed) without any risk of sagging.

30-year Limited Product Warranty

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