Metal Ceiling Tile Tin Plated COMPASS 1222 MB Pattern 12 x12


Unfinished Metal Ceiling Tile. Aluminum Ceiling Tile Panels from Ceiling Tiles By Us are lightweight and easily installed, ship economically and available as either nail-up or Grid Suspended Drop In Ceiling Tiles. As a rule a lot of Metal Ceiling Tiles are designed to fit into a 15/16 Inch Grid Suspended Ceiling System. However Aluminum & Copper Ceiling Tiles Panels from Ceiling tiles By us will also fit into a Standard 9/16” Grid Suspended Ceiling System


Unfinished Metal Ceiling Tile
The tin ceilings of yesteryear were made from tin-plated steel. CTBU Inc. offers tin-plated panels just like the originals. These panels provide tremendous value and are lower in cost than CTBUInc. aluminum and solid copper panels. However, tin-plated steel, like the original, could rust over time if exposed to water and/or humid conditions. Tin-plated steel panels also have sharp edges so it is recommended that installers wear protective gloves when handling.

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