Tin Plated Steel Classic Ceiling Tile 2’x2′ #1 Pattern 12in x 12in

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Our powder-coating used for all of our colors are Non-Toxic and non-flammable. Powder coating, the company’s process adheres to the “Five E’s” – environmental compliance, energy savings, efficiency, excellence of finish, and economy. Powder coating contains no solvents, which are found in liquid finishes like paints, also known as VOC’s – volatile organic compounds. VOCS are dangerous in that they can degrade air quality or cause breathing problems and other health effects. Since powder coating uses only dry paint, it requires no special venting.

Fire Rated

Metal tin tiles have a fire rating of over one-hour.

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CREATE A BEAUTIFUL CEILING IN A VERY ECONOMICAL MANNER This classic 12″ x 12″ repeating pattern is available in over 60 dazzling finishes.  NO SHARP EDGES SIZED FOR ONE PERSON INSTALL

Our Metal products are manufactured from T1 grade tin-plated steel. The material thickness is 0.010″. Our panels measure 2′ x 2′ and our moldings are available in 4′ lengths. All of our finishes are powder coated. Powder coating is an electrostatic process where polyester resin is baked onto the panels at 400°F. Our faux-finishes are hand applied over a powder coated base color. All of our products carry an ASTM E 84-03b approval (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials). In order to specify our material, we need the following:

1. Which pattern? Specify pattern number.

2. Which style? Specify Snap-Lock™,

Nail-Up, or Drop-In. The Snap-Lock™

panel is an interlocking flange system designed to attach directly to existing drywall or plaster with #6 drywall screws. The screws are not visible. The Nail-Up panel has a 1/4” overlapping seam, and designed to be nailed to a wood substrate. We recommend 3/8” plywood and 18ga brad nails. The nails are visible. The Drop-In panel is made to drop into 9/16″ and standard 15/16″ suspended ceiling grid systems. Our Drop-In panel has a 1/8” embossed edge that helps it nest into the opening made by the grid.

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