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Wallpanel wooden strips 7’x3′



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Decorative Wall Panels are 7′ x 3′ in size and made from high quality Rigid PVC Sheets backed by Poly Urethane Foam and they can be directly glued on any hard and plain surface with a rubber base adhesive or contact cement.

They are available in different designs and Finishes, like Bricks, Stones, Marble, Wooden Panel, etc. We can also create a custom logo or color on the Panel to add your special touch and identity.
Decorative Wall Panels will also insulate the Wall where they are installed, with 10mm Thick Rigid PU Foam Backing the walls will not only look great but will also help you saving your energy expenses.

You can even use them on Furniture such as tables, wall units, partitions, in fact at any place where you can find a hard and plain surface.

And, that’s not all, here are some more advantages…

100% Waterproof
Moisture Resistant
NO Weather Effect
Long Lasting & Highly Durable
No Termite, Fungus or Mold Effect
Light In Weight
Fire Retardant
Provides Insulation

Decorative Wall Panels are the best friends of Air Conditioning and Heating System. The Decorative Wall Panels are are perfect to work well in hot as well as cold areas.

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