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Faux PVC Kitchen Backsplash WC 10 Design Available in Multiple Colors


You have got to give that kitchen surface a new covering since there is always a better option to beautify your environment. One of the most beautiful covering you can use for your kitchen surface this year is WC-10 FAUX Antique Copper Backsplash Kitchen Back Splash. Do you know why this is the only option we could offer? Because it is simply the best we could offer and this is due to a variety of benefits you would gain from making this product a to-go-option to beautify your home. Not only that has many aesthetic features, but it can also fit into any surface without stress, and it is very affordable. Besides that, it is also a DIY! Does that sound very interesting to you? Yes! It is what you can practice and do by yourself without the services of any professional. Another ease of doing this job on your own is that it comes with an instructional manual that will carefully guide and direct you to have the best outcome. Apart from that, we have many videos that you can watch to get directions. Based on our product’s review from customers, we are glad to notify you that WC-10 FAUX Antique Copper Backsplash Kitchen Back Splash is the best in all areas. This product can fit well for making Crown Molding, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Medallions, Baseboards, Door and Window Trim, and Chair rail.

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Faux PVC Kitchen Backsplash Design WC-10 Available in Multiple Colors:

Faux PVC Kitchen Backsplash Aesthetically Redefining Your Environment. WC-10 FAUX Backsplash for the Kitchen is a step towards redefining the home and many public places. One of the unique features of the product is that it is trendy and stylish in texture. Besides that, it has many colors that can add glamour to the environment.

Reviews Of Decorative Kitchen Backsplash Rolls Faux Copper WC-10

Reviews of WC-10 FAUX PVC  Kitchen BackSplash is a product that is perfect for any surface because of many benefits users can get from using it. These are the following reasons for its exclusive preference by buyers.

  • The product comes in a two wrap of a 2 feet wide and not only that, in 25 feet and you can get 50 feet.
  • We have added a colorful taste too if you are a fan of colorful designs. It comes in varying colorful designs such as silver, bronze, gold, brown, ashes copper, and many more.
  • Do you want a variety of shapes? There is a variety of unique shapes from square to curve with just a single design.
  • Buyers can get more than a single color in a single roll In a single roll as well.
  • Its process of cleaning is easy and fast because it only requires water or a mild detergent. Also, another cleaning agent can be used, and you are guaranteed a great outcome.

Buying this product is one of the best ways to invest your money.

Other Features Of WC-10 FAUX Kitchen Backsplash

Before coming out to claim that this product is best for your home or outside the home, you should be sure that we have subjected it critical scrutiny from durability to quality, to aesthetic features and lots more. This product made of Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets, and with quality of materials put together, we have the assurance that it is 100% ideal, durable, beautiful, and perfect for you. One of the critical analysis we subjected it to is the fire and temperature tests. We are glad to tell you that it is fire resistant, and the degree of temperature it can withstand is 140 Fahrenheit! These are testimonies that you have a deal and guarantee for a life with this product.

The Design, And Appearance Of WC-10 FAUX Kitchen Backsplash

It is made in a great design that serves you the best purposes. One of the matchless purposes the serves is that it can fit into many places apart from home. With the addition of beauty it gives as a result of the classical designs, you have an excellent wall surface.

Easy Installation Process Of WC-10 FAUX Kitchen Backsplash

One of the advantages of WC-10 FAUX Backsplash Kitchen Back Splash is that it is easy to install. Not that the installation process is easy. It is also a product that offers the highest security level while handling or installing it because it has no rough or sharp edges that can cut or injure users. To get it installed, users need only glue, Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive, or DAP Original Gel with a pair of scissors and by watching the instructional videos or going through the instructional manual, you discover that it is very easy to install. If the instructional materials are followed to the letters, you will have the most desired results.

Who Can Use WC-10 FAUX Kitchen Backsplash And Where Can It Be Used?

This product is designed to be versatile for any surface whether hard or soft and can fit in many places such as bars, hospitals, offices, schools, restaurants, business complexes, salon, kitchen bathrooms, and many more. With this product, there is nothing like professionalism; anyone can install it.

Step By Step Installation Process.

  • Start by drawing out space and the measurement you want.
  • Set a time to watch videos and manuals of our products on the installation process
  • Prepare the backsplash materials you want to use
  • Unfurl or unroll the backsplash
  • Determine the measurement you want to use and cut it out.
  • Determine what to use on it, and this ranges from contact cement to glue, to Loctite all-purpose construction adhesive.
  • Apply the adhesive on the backsplash
  • Install the backsplash over the prepared surface 
  • Stretch it out and flatten it.
  • Make sure that no air is left behind it. 
  • Ensure that the air dries off 

If you follow the rules of the installation well, you have the ideal results.

Cost And Verdict

Rest assured that the cost is not unaffordable, the product, Faux PVC Kitchen Backsplash, is durable, versatile, and time-saving. It is also fireproof and heat resistant. In the end, it is a wiser option in the long run for everyone. 

 You will need the following tools and materials for the job:

  • Adhesive suggested regular liquid contact cement or contact cement gel.
  • Adhesive suggested Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive in tube
  • Foam paint roller or paintbrush or putty knife
  • Tray for the liquid adhesive.
  • Caulking Gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors or Box Cutter or Craft Knife Exacto/Hobby knife

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Bar Counter Installation WC-10 Antique Copper Back Splash

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Weight 7.56 lbs

10 foot roll, 15 foot roll, 20 foot roll, 25 foot roll, 5 foot roll


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