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Decorative Plastic Kitchen Backsplash Urban Design WC-40


Faux Tin Hammered Backsplash

Giving the home and the environment the best outlook with the Faux Tin Hammered Backsplash is one of the home decor options anyone can try out on their own. One of the best decorative displays is using a Decorative Plastic Back Splash that can be fixed easily without stress and at a pocket-friendly amount. Among the places that it can be applied to is the kitchen. This is because it is one of the places in the home that needs extra efforts to make it modern and attractive. It is also one of the grandest ways to make your kitchen look inviting and up to date to visitors. Various other places can be decorated with backsplashes such as restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, and lots more. The Faux Tin Hammered silver kitchen backsplash WC – 40 is a DIY alternative that sets your home in style. Faux Tin Decorative Plastic Back Splash creates the best creativity and beauty anywhere. They also serve as décor compliments and accessories to features like the Crown Molding, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Medallions, Baseboards, Door and Window Trim, Chair rail, and Arched Windows others.

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Decorative Plastic Kitchen Backsplash Urban PVC, An Excellent Advantage

Are you curious about how to give your kitchen, office, hospital, school, hotel, and restaurant a fantastic new look that will always give you the best satisfaction? Then the best product to go for is the Decorative Plastic Kitchen Backsplash in colors like Silver  or Faux Copper WC-40. This is because it is easy to install by oneself and can easily blend with any kitchen or style. It is also very affordable, has attractive patterns, is durable, and fitting for every environment.

Decorative Silver Kitchen Backsplash Urban PVC Product review

This product has many physical features that make it unique. Each feature bound to maximize your decorative results. Some of the features to expect include;

  • It comes in a wrap 2 feet wide and a length of 25 feet. It can also be sold in lengths 30 feet.
  • Versatility in color ranging from silver, gold, copper, bronze and more.
  • A single design comes with various unique shape from square to curve.
  • You can easily buy more than one color or buy a roll in 2 or more color variances as a customer. 
  • Cleaning requirements are easy with water and a mild detergent or cleaning agent.

With these benefits, there is really nothing more you need from your backsplash.

Quality and durability of the Decorative Silver Kitchen Backsplash  – WC –40

We take the time to pick out only the best quality materials for every product we sell. The decorative plastic kitchen backsplash silver WC – 40 is made of Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets. This material is personally chosen out for its durability and quality. From client’s reviews to third party testing, the results show that the product is of a higher standard than any offered across the country. With this product expect a kitchen quality that lasts the test of time. In addition to all these features of quality and durability, the product is also fireproof. It can stand up to a temperature degree of 140 Fahrenheit. Hence an excellent addition to any location.

Design and appearance

The product comes in a simple mature design that compliments any kitchen style. Used in places beyond the kitchen, it serves a unique purpose. Without overshadowing the kitchen, its design and style, this backsplash add a sprinkle of modern, simple yet classy appearance to any spot. The patterns are simple and easy, and the array of colors ensures that you can find the closest fitting color.

Installation and its ease.

One of the reasons you can rely on it is that a maximum protection level is guaranteed while installing it. The same goes for when they are being handled. As a result of this, the process of installation of the PVC Back Splash can be glued on a variety of surfaces such as plain or hard. With a good standard rubber base adhesive like Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive and DAP Original Gel, you can quickly and easily install the backsplash.

This backsplash can be classified under DIY ready since it comes with a detailed and easy to use manual. With step by step instructions, even the most amateurs and a non-handy-many person can get it done right.

Who can use it and where can it be used

The answer is simple; anyone can use it and in any place they choose, from your kitchens domestic and commercial to bathrooms, bars, restaurants, hotels and much more. Even schools, corporate firms and hospitals can take it up for an added decoration. The Decorative Plastic Kitchen Backsplash will be very beautiful.

Installation procedure

  • Begin by considering space and measurements.
  • Then go on to find videos and manuals of our products installation process.
  • Take your time to watch or read it up before making an attempt at it.
  • Prepare the backsplash.
  • Unfurl or unroll it.
  • Once you have picked out the measurement according to the space available, cut out the shape, length, and size you choose.
  • Set up the adhesive. Choose either a contact cement, Loctite all-purpose construction adhesive, or glue.
  • Apply your adhesive to the backsplash
  • Fit the backsplash over the slot of choice
  • Stretch out and flat out ensuring you get the air out
  • Hold onto it for a few minutes, preferably 3 to 5.
  • Do this until you are all done.

Things to note about Decorative Plastic Kitchen Backsplash Urban PVC

  • As much as it is fireproof try to keep it away from constant direct contact to heat
  • Take care to test the backsplash arrangement and fitting on a small section before proceeding to do all.
  • You might need to cover up the edges with wood, paint, metal, plastic, or other coverings. This is to give it a more classy finishing.

Cost and verdict

With all these benefits you would be certain that the cost would drill a hole through your pockets. Wrong! It is super cost-friendly and should be taken up without delay. No matter what the need, you are sure to get a beautiful appearance with decorative plastic kitchen backsplash.

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