Replacing Ceiling Tile

Are your ceiling tiles loose, pockmarked, or otherwise degrading? Rather than spend a small fortune hiring a contractor to replace your tiles, you can purchase high-quality, easy-to-install ceiling tiles, crown moldings, and other coverings from us here at Ceiling Tiles By Us. We offer tiles in a variety of thicknesses, and we can send you samples to help match your order for your project.

Tips for Replacing Ceiling Tile

Replacing Ceiling TileEven if your ceiling is painted, you can use our tiles for repair work. Our tiles take acrylic, emulsion, and water-based paints. That being said, we recommend air paint spraying to prevent bubbles, drips, and spots in the tiles. Moreover, it’s critical that you test out your color palette before laying replacement tiles–“after the fact” ceiling painting can be problematic unless you’re an expert.

The key to laying your tiles flush is to prepare your surface and use appropriate supplies and materials. The surface should be hard, debris free, and firm. If you’re covering over “popcorn” ceiling, you may want to wash off the loose particles first. In addition, when applying the mastic adhesive, be sure to touch on all four corners and the center–don’t lay the mastic on “flat.”

All told, ceiling tile replacement can add vitality and elegance to your living space, improve the value of your home, and highlight the aesthetic features of your space. For specific information about how to measure your ceiling tile order, glue and caulk your tiles, and maintain your ceiling’s appearance, check out the rest of our site or contact one of us via phone or email.

View our entire selection of ceiling tiles at our online store.

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