Simple Interior Design Touches

When it comes to interior design, there’s a number of aspects that come into play. Your design elements can have an influence on your home’s overall ambiance and help create feelings of tranquility, intimacy, seclusion, etc. Many individuals who want to give their interior a total makeover, usually don’t consider their ceilings. The walls will always receive some sort of love, but the ceilings is where the simple touch can change it all.


Like we stated before on how your interiors can basically, “set a mood”, so can the ceilings. Did you know that decorative ceiling tiles present great opportunities for designers and architects to create impact and visual interest within an interior space? These type of ceiling tiles, also do a grand job of addressing a number of performance, safety, and environmental issues. With endless texture, color, and finish options, design possibilities in decorative ceiling tiles are never-ending.


Switching up your ceiling tiles may sound like a good idea, however, assembling ceiling tiles can be daunting to some homeowners. Drop in ceiling tiles we offer are affordable and will make your guests think you invested thousands of dollars in renovations! These tiles are easy to cut with scissors and rubber cement and assemble accordingly.


Our decorative ceiling tiles bring a sophisticated appeal to your home and do not require removal of your popcorn ceiling! For more information and pricing details, please visit our ceiling tiles page via our homepage, under the STORE tab. Be sure to take advantage of our hand-painted foam ceiling tiles that are currently on sale.