Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended Ceiling Tiles is a more aesthetically appealing alternative to pre-existing plain acoustical ceiling tile in a grid system and our 24 by 24 polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ceiling tiles are a perfect DIY project. They come in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors. PVC suspended ceiling tiles are a fashionable and affordable way to spruce up your space and save money in the process. You can either put our PVC tiles directly into your grid system, or if you already have a durable tile in your grid you can simply glue your new PVC tile to the pre-existing older plain tile to give your new suspended ceiling tiles more strength and sturdiness.

Multiple Uses Uses Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Our PVC suspended drop ceiling tiles for a grid system are the perfect choice if you are looking to renovate, restore, or redecorate a space. Many of these ceiling tiles are featured in restaurants, bars, night clubs, and classy hotels to give an ambience of being in an upscale atmosphere. The most popular colors include antique copper, antique silver, copper, silver, and black. Ceiling tiles also offer a way to increase home value and home prices because they are appealing to the eye and create a more complete and aesthetically enjoyable look to the space to which they are installed including kitchen, patio, garage, living or dining room, bedrooms, and even basements. 

Tin Silver Plastic Glue Up Install

Tin Silver Plastic Glue Up Install

If you are looking for an economical way to remodel your office or workspace and create an atmosphere which impresses your client or simply just creates a more cozy or professional atmosphere, putting up ceiling tiles is a smart and sophisticated way to enhance your workplace. Putting up ceiling tiles is also a good way to get rid of those water spots commonly seen on acoustical ceiling tiles installed in a grid system in most offices and homes. We encourage you to take a look at our PVC ceiling tiles for your suspended grid system.

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